Puck Podcast – December 22nd, 2007

This week on the Puck Podcast we discuss the Chris Simon suspension and the reaction from around the league, Sidney Crosby’s first fight, Marian Gaborik’s historic night, we talk about the Coyotes suprising season with FSN Arizona’s Todd Walsh, we announce the winner of our Coyotes Ticket Contest, we answer your e-mails and recap the entire week from around the league plus a whole lot more.

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  1. Non-hockey related I know…”We will, we will Rock You” was playing in the background during your replay of Simon acting like the ass he is. I am formally begging all “NHL DJs” to find the disc or mp3 containing this song and burn it in effigy. If I EVER hear this song again it will be too soon. Can’t these guys come up with something more current, this song sucks!

  2. The episode refuses to download for me on iTunes.. Is there any other way to put it onto my iPod? Like.. download an MP3 file or something (which i have no clue how to do)?

  3. Michaela: Right click on the word “mp3 file” and choose “save target as”. Make sure you know where your computer saves the file. Rename the file so it’s something you remember. Open iTunes, either drag and drop it into your “Music” folder in iTunes or cut and paste it. It won’t properly transfer into the “podcast” section of iTunes so don’t try. Good luck.

  4. Doug: This is from the Detroit News over the weekend…

    “Wildly impressed”

    Few teams have come away as impressed with the Red Wings as the Wild were Saturday.

    In two games, the Wings basically toyed with and outscored the Wild, 9-1.

    “Patience, skill, I can rattle off a few things they do really well,” Wild forward Mark Parrish said.

    “They’re a very good hockey club. If you don’t have everybody on the same page, you’ll look like that against them.”

    Said Wild coach Jacques Lemaire : “One thing is we’re not skating like we can, and if you don’t, this is how you’re going to look.

    “They were missing two of their top guys (Henrik Zetterberg and Tomas Holmstrom ) and still look what they did. All four lines were as good as each other.”

    Parrish and teammate Brian Rolston (Flint) had a conversation on the bench about the Red Wings.

    “He (Rolston) put it well when he said this team (Detroit) seems like the Anaheim of last year,” Parrish said of the defending Stanley Cup champions.

  5. Everyone keeps calling Simon’s suspension the longest in NHL history. Maybe modern history, sure, but not all time.


    Billy Coutu was suspended for punching referee Jerry LaFlamme for a minimum of 224 regular season games over the five years before his ban was lifted, plus an indeterminate number of playoff games. (His Bruins teammate Eddie Shore played 18 playoff games over that span, as a reference.) Rick Tocchet’s two-year ban is the only one that comes close to this, at approximately 162 games. (Oddly enough, Shore only got one game for doing so a few years later, and Rocket Richard finished with just 13 games for striking a linesman during a brawl in 1955. Maybe because they were on the ice and Coutu wasn’t?)

    And since we’re talking about liftime bans, I believe Babe Pratt of the Toronto Maple Leafs got one for gambling on hockey (though not his Leafs), but was reinstated after apologizing and vowing never to do so again. (I want to say the timeline there was 16 days, but I don’t know where I got that number, so don’t quote me on it.)

  6. And a further note on pronunciation:

    Pardubice: PAR-doo-beets-uh
    HC Salavat Yulayev Ufa: HC Suhl-uh-VAHT Yool-EYE-iff OO-fuh (a lot of vowel reductions)

    And I have no idea how to render ö phonetically, since it’s not a sound that appears in English, so I can’t help you with “Möller”.

  7. Don’t worry about the show length guys, the longer the better, in my opinion. It’s easy to pick up and put down if you can’t listen to all of it in one sitting.

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