Puck Podcast – December 29th, 2007

In this week’s episode Doug Stolhand talks about Jordin Tootoo’s amazing 24 hours, Colton Orr knocking Matt Cullen out of action, he talks with fan correspondents from Florida, Minnesota, St. Louis and Pittsburgh to get their views of the first half of the season, he’ll tell you about a future Hall of Famer that will be out of action for the next three months, he’ll recap the past week of game, ask who you think is the best player in the NHL right now and, of course, a whole lot more.

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  1. Of course, nine hours after I told Doug that the Penguins were fine when it came to team toughness and that injuries kept the team from getting on a roll, the embodiment of toughness, Gary Roberts, had his leg broken during Saturday’s game. Ouch.

    Someone please remind me to knock on wood when I say something like that.

    Also, I mentioned that Gonchar and Crosby were top in powerplay points … I actually meant powerplay assists.Gonchar leads the league in that stat, Crosby’s one behind him.

    — Brian in Pittsburgh

  2. It’s nice hearing you guys again, great job as always.

    Just wanted to chirp in about the latest mental breakdown of Chris Simon… While there’s obviously no excuse for deliberately trying to injure a fellow player (or anyone for that matter) I have to admit that I had quite the chuckle when I realized that it was Jarko Ruutu on the receiving end. In one of your latest shows Doug had let it be known that he would buy the jersey of the first man to give Sean Avery a good beating once the instigator rule goes the way of the dodo, and I couldn’t agree more. Is it fair to say that if there was no instagator rule at the time of Simon’s little tap dance that Simon would simply have given the pest a simple, sound beating?

  3. I recall hearing in your podcast that you are always looking for fan correspondants. How does one go about becoming one? I’d be interested in commenting on the Columbus Blue Jackets.

  4. Nate, I think that Ruutu would be happy with fighting vs. having Chris Simon stomp on him with a skate. Ruutu doesn’t fight much but he can fight when he drops the gloves so I am not sure if Simon would give him a beating.

  5. You guys are not fans of Sean Avery as a King, Sean Avery as a Ranger, or even Sean Avery as a model hockey player. Perhaps not a role model for young kids and now as a recipient of arena-wide ‘boo’ing’ outside of the Garden whenever he touches the puck, your “too bad for the Instigator Rule because this guy has it coming to him” is because you actually LIKE his antics and how he raises the level of the game.

    Avery as a players is more suited to the fans of MSG and the Ranger franchise than most of the current Rangers — and is one of the most undervalued players on the team. Not sure that anyone will want him come free agency, but if he keeps motivating the entire team going into the second half of the season, scores and assists goals and provides the fans with a reason to cheer this under-playing team, then he may perhaps be a more valuable asset than you think.

    Just watch out…he might someday be a Duck!?

    Stephen Lindsay
    NYC – http://www.thedarkranger.com

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