Puck Podcast – December 18th, 2007

In a special episode of the Puck Podcast we talk about the Ducks trade with the Blues that helped them get Scott Niedermayer on the ice and the use of steroids in hockey. We also announce how you can win tickets to see the Wild/Coyotes game in Phoenix on December 27th courtesy of FSN Arizona.

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  1. Scott Simon is a thug, he’s always been a thug, he always will be, period. You don’t earn (7) suspensions in the NHL, as liberal as they are, without being worthy of this punishment, and seven times at that! What’s surprising is how gracious the Islanders are being in their prepared text related to this incident. This moron doesn’t know how truly luck he is and now, he probably won’t get the chance to figure it out ever again.

  2. The new poster-boy for steroid use is MLB and you can bet your bottom dollar that if NHL players are indeed using this stuff, it stopped for the most part the day the Mitchell report went public. Steroid testing is indeed coming to the NHL, as it should and this is an opportunity for players to end this unfair practice and get clean before they get pricked. My guess is that is exactly what is happening.

  3. Short podcast this week, you could have warned us, just a quick note that the Puck Podcast was extra short this week in the description for the show would have saved folks like me some confusion when they ended up with a 2.9MB 12+ minute file and wondered if their download was incomplete.

    OK I’m done ranting, great show guys I hope everyone has a Happy & Healthy Holiday.

    As for what the after effects of the Mitchell report will be for sports in general only time will tell. I think the big thing concerning the Mitchell report is that player knew when tests were coming, and also knew what was being tested.

  4. Well, there you go. Simon was suspended for 30 games for acting like an idiot for the 7th time in his career–he should of been suspended the entire season. Of course, Ted Nolan showed his complete lack of understanding by complaining that the suspension was “excessive”. I guess he was asleep the 6 other times this recidivistic thug did what he does best.

  5. Everyone,
    I love seeing the comments and discussion going on here at the official website! Keep it up and thanks again for your support of the show!


  6. Wow, Crosby gets the Gordie Howe hat trick. That and Gaborik’s 5 goals made for one of the best hockey nights in a while.

  7. In the comment section of a FoxSports.com article, I speculated that either McDonald or Marchant would be moved to make room for Scott’s cap hit. I wasn’t surprised when I heard about the STL/ANH deal. Bertuzzi is kinda pricey for the statistical paperweight that he is, but I’m hoping Burke knows something the rest of us don’t. Realistically, Big Bert is too expensive to trade. Marchant would likely yield more fruit for Anaheim in a trade… just my opinion.

    I don’t pretend to be a rumormonger or to have exceptionally insightful hockey sense. My thoughts and opinions mirror many other hockey fans. Some of my subtle rants are still readily available for your consumption at the team section of FoxSport’s hockey page. Just click on ‘Teams’, then, Anaheim Ducks ‘Team Front’. Bring a barf bag.

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