Puck Podcast – September 24th, 2006

In this weeks episode we talk about the injuries to star players during the preseason, Ken Hitchcock’s new contract, Tie Domi’s retirement, the Penguins decision to go without a captain, we preview the Atlantic Division and much more.

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  1. I heard that Forsberg decided to not have the surgery done on his left ankle, which was supposed to be done after his right ankle?

    How can you put Recchi on the list of possible captains then question his veteran leadership?

    Ask Lecavalier what happens when you “give” C’s to teenagers. Ask Gilmour and others what happens to your stats when you get the C when you can’t handle it.

    The Pens don’t have anyone capable of being the captain so why “give” (force) it on someone. Is a captain without a compass any better than a rudderless ship? Crosby is already the face of the franchise he doesn’t need a “C” sewn on his sweater.

    What are your thoughts on teams with multiple captains like Buffalo?

    Love the laundry insight. I had heard the selling of jerseys, but not the laundry one.

    -Good Show.


  2. I have no problem with the All A’s system the Pens are going with for now. There’s no reason to throw a C on someone just for the sake of having one. Crosby’s not ready, Recchi is a definite no if for no other reason than just his problems with future captain Crosby. Not to mention the fact that he’s likely to get traded again this season. I would give him one of the A’s just based on his experience both in the league and with the team. Sidney of course will get an A. And The last letter I would give to Gonchar.

    To respond to manservant’s question about multiple captains on one team, I think it can work in the right team environment. Buffalo is one of the best examples of a team that’s better than its parts in the last several years, so I think to spread out the leadership among several players can work in a situation like that.

    And not that this has anything to do with anything you talked about, I just wanna make it known…. that if Kristopher Letang doesn’t make the Pens opening roster, it’ll be a crime against the sport of hockey.

    Less Eric Cairns waddling around the ice, More “Bang Bang” Letang.

    Colby Armstrong for Heisman!

  3. I am Brandi Shaw’s husband. I appreciate the recognition that you gave her and I am glad that you could use her story to emphasize the friendliness and charitible atmosphere of the greatest game on Earth.

    I am so proud of my wife and the gift that she gave. I hope that others will see this as an example of what an ordinary sports fan can do to change another person’s life. You don’t have to give up a kidney to make a difference in your community. You can start with a little of your time, talents, or money.

  4. Good show. I am new to the podcast but am a big hockey fan who will not miss an episode.

    I need to inform you of the real reason for the recent jersey switch. It all started with the introduction of the alternate uniforms. All the alternates are dark, so if a team wanted to wear them at home, there would be two dark teams. So initially the away team would bring along their whites so that the home team could wear their snazzy new alternates. The alternates became such a hit in the league with the fans, so the permanent switch came to make it easier for everyone.

  5. Hockey is exciting because it is fast and there is contact on multiple levels. Baseball has none. Basketball has incidental contact. Football has one big hit per play, if you’re lucky. So the problem with officiating hockey is that you can’t do it. If you maximize the calls you get penalty shoot out soccer. Why do you think that the refs always had a hard time calling ‘everything’ all the way through the season at first? Because it kills the game. That is why old time hockey (even 80’s high flying hockey) worked so well. The teams enforced the rules themselves. The refs just kind of kept things from getting out of hand. When do you think there were more injuries, now or 20 years ago? Yes they are bigger and faster now but they are also cheaper too. When they finally make visors required, I’ll bet you that facial injuries due to sticks will ‘increase’. Ever see a college hockey game?

    Phil Esposito always said that the sole responsibly of a ‘captain’ was to organize the parties.

    Speaking of charities, most folks think that charities get most of their money by big contributions my millionaires. This is completely wrong. Most big charities get something like 80% of their money from $10 and $20 contributions from average people.

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