Puck Podcast – October 8th, 2006

In this week’s episode Eddie & Doug recap the first four days of the NHL season and discuss which players and teams surprised them, and disappointed them, as well as talk about Lou Lamiorello’s amazing deals to get the Devils under the cap. They also name their three stars of the week and a whole lot more.

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  1. Of all the players that have come and gone from the Pens over the years, one of the guys I was most sad to see go was Ian Moran. I love the way he plays and the way he carries himself off the ice, I never got a chance to meet him but I’m glad to hear that you guys can vouch for him being every bit the good guy I thought him to be.

    Every team should have a player like him who gives it 110% at all times and isn’t afraid to take some punishment if it helps get the team a win. I’ll never forget a postgame interview with him a few years back on FSN Pittsburgh where they showed the back of his legs after he had blocked several hard shots during the game. A person’s skin should never be those shades of purple and black…

  2. Regarding the anthem.

    In all of Canada, people either do nothing or sing along, pretty much whenever the anthem is played, not just hockey games.

    In eastern Canada, they sing a bilingual version that many Canadians don’t know or can’t coherently sing. (wasn’t popular till the ’80s). In Ottawa, you can hear a murmur of various english only, french only and bilingual versions all being sung.

    The Canadian anthem is pretty easy. No “ye’it way”.

    The Canadian singers usually don’t hold notes for 8 beats unnecessarily allowing the crowd to sing along with out getting lost.

    I was at the Pens vs. Red Wings game on Saturday. I had some friends down from ottawa who started singing the american anthem until they realized nobody else was. We were then treated to fans breaking the silence with “Go Red Wings”, “Screw you”, and some hecklers that didn’t like the singer, etc… Usually I have heard some yips and encouraging screams during the american anthem (so I assume saturday was an exception), but the behavior on saturday was the worst I had seen during the home country’s anthem.

    Unless you know of an american captain, no team has won the cup without a canadian captain. This came up awhile back in Canada when no canadian teams had Canadians as captains (resurfaces every year that Alfie tanks in the playoffs, probably unfairly). Last year, all five captains in the semis were canadian (Buffalo had 2).

  3. I talked about this with Ed – the American National Anthem is tough to sing. There’s people with beautiful voices that can’t make that song sound good. It would be better as an instrumental, in my opinion. That’s what happens when you write a song in a ship during a war.

    The Canadian anthem is a song and it’s easy to sing. I agree with Ed that it sounds very, very cool when the whole crowd sings along.

    Thanks for the feedback – and to Shots from the Point, Ian is deserving of your admiration. He’s truly a great guy. Part of me hopes that he’s scratched again tonight so that I can talk with him again. If he does play I’ll be sure to talk with him after the game.


  4. I know you gave Wolski a lot of credit in your fantasy talk, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the lot of rookies in the league for 2006-2007. It would be very hard to compare to last year’s crop, but the likes of the Stastnys (especially Paul), Carle, Wolski, Kopitar, Kessel and many others should be exciting to watch.

    Keep up the great shows and the Kings suck!

  5. I have heard comments that the style of jerseys are set to change within the next few years to a more tailored cut. Something akin to what we have seen in the Olympics. I think that one of the things that attracts non-hockey fans to hockey is that we have the best jerseys. I believe that it would be a sad day for hockey if this change happened. Is there any truth to this rumor?

  6. Is there any chance these podcasts could be made downloadable? I mean, I want to download a podcast as an mp3 file [or other suitable audio file format], to allow me to transfer it over to my portable mp3 player. I rarely listen to podcasts from my PC, but have a lot of free time to listen to them on the road when I’m commuting to and from work.

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