Puck Podcast – October 14th, 2006

In this weeks episode we talk about the games of the week, Brendan Witt’s run-in with Sean Avery – including some incredible quotes from Witt that you can only hear here – we discuss whether or not teams can win a Stanley Cup with two #1 goalies, we talk to Islanders beat writer Greg Logan about the wild offseason on the Island and we give our three stars of the week plus a whole lot more.

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  1. Like your audio intro, and all the audio in general. Also liked FSN Bay Area’s Randy Hahn on Oct. 12 Cheechoo and Smyth hat tricks – maybe add it to the intro?

    Fault Sean Avery for failing to bite Brendan Witt, not for stick-in-the-crotch. Is Avery a bitch? No, he’s a Cartman. Also, San Jose’s Scott Parker launched an over-the-glass attack on Brendan Witt in the Shark Tank last season. Shouldn’t the league be investigating Witt’s emissions of ‘attack-me’ pheromones?

  2. Who’s the guy who does the opening and closing? Is it a friend? Or does Fox Sports provide that guy? Just wondering, because I’ve heard him on the last two podcasts.

  3. I have to say that playing old TV theme songs is really kinda silly unless it’s for some sort of special event during commercial breaks. Like here in Nashville, we have the Windex “On the Glass” contest where people in the upper bowl have a chance to win seats on the glass for the game. They play the Jefferson’s theme for that contest. But they don’t use them during the game. Besides, I think it would be weird to hear the Brady Bunch theme playing when your team is about to take an important faceoff, don’t you?

    Love the show, guys, and listen to it on an almost religious basis(kinda weird, I know). Keep it up.

  4. You can’t be serious….. Brendon Witt is a tool…… Let’s see 88 pts in 649 games…… Can you say goon.Sure Avery is a pest a deserves to get screwed with, but I wouldn’t call him a turtle. 6ft2 220 VS 5ft9 195….. Hmmn should you get in a fight with him or just annoy him until he get’s a penalty.

    Clearly your hate for him, for whatever reason has jaded you sanity.

  5. Nacho,
    The voice belongs to Craig Shemon who is an on-air host at FOX Sports Radio.

    If you’re not willing to fight someone, you probably shouldn’t hit them in the crotch. That’s just me.

    Thanks to all of you for listening.

  6. Witt had every right to kick the crap out of Avery. Whether you like Witt or not, you have to admit Avery’s nothing but a punk and a goon and he has the PIM to prove it.

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