Puck Podcast – October 7, 2015

In the first period we discuss all the news from the past week including a player getting suspended for half of the season. In the second period Preview the Atlantic Division. In the third period we read your e-mails and more.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.

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  1. Hi Eddy and Doug,

    I have been listening for the past two or maybe even three years, on- and off season, and thank you guys for the effort, great info on the game and also a lot ( I mean a lot) of small talk 🙂
    Although I worked and lived for 6 months in California (worked in Santa Ana and lived in New Port Beach) I was raised and born in the Netherlands. Not a big Hockey nation but it has quite a long history in playing hockey witch was thought to us by the Canadian and US soldiers after WO 2.
    Okay enough background here, my questions/statement is around goalie interference. Knowing you guys have already spend much time on this phenomenon over the last two years. Last season I already had the feeling it got out of hand and a player could not be within inches for the goalie without really making contact (often initiated by the golalies own defence) or even in occasions when the goalie would be outside the crease. At this season’s start I already saw three penalties for goalie interference that were doubtful to my opinion( the main one for Patrick Bergeron in the third game of the Bruins). Yes we can have coaches now request a video review which is good for these kind off calls, but in general don’t you guys think this is too much protection and overdone ? The game will be more a copy of boring soccer than a real contact sport as hockey is meant to be.

    Last one; 3 on 3 overtime is great, spectacular for the spectators. Any feedback from the players how they are receiving this ??

    Eddy, Doug, thanks a lot and hang in there (you are much more appreciated than you might realize !!)

    Have shared your podcast around Europe as requested in your October 7th. edition !


    Harry Klein
    The Hague

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