Puck Podcast – November 4th, 2006

In this weeks episode we talk about Mick McGeough’s horrible call that cost the Oilers at least one point, the Rangers successful road trip out west, Dave Nonis’ complaints about free agency and the schedule, we talk with Penguins sideline reporter Dan Potash and Doug speaks Swedish – plus a whole lot more.

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  1. I don’t want to get into an arguement about how good Pronger and Neidermayer are since I will lose as they are the best tandem hands down and could be the best individually.

    It was mentioned how productive they have been offensively. From an offensive viewpoint, I want to point out that in Montreal, Souray and Markov are on a similar pace at 8G, 16A, 24PTS in 26 games versus 7G, 18A, 25PTS in 28 games. True, Higgins has one point more overall, but they represent a higher percentage of Montreal’s scoring.

    They aren’t as good as Pronger and Neidemayer, but when you make %60 (2.5 million which is higher than Souray and Markov’s salaries) more than the top skaters on your team, you should produce at a comparable clip.

    Anaheim does have a scary team this year. Thanks for the comment about Google showing games. I think I will watch a couple of Shark, Ducks, Wild games that I can’t get here.

  2. You guys mentioned that Vancouver went 0 – 3 this week. However, they did not have 2 goal leads and blow them in all three games like you said.

    1. Nashville was up 2 goals(not the Canucks) and the Canucks tied it in the 3rd, only to lose on a late goal.

    2. The Minnesota game had the Canucks up 2 but the Wild got a goal with a blatant kicked goal (which was called no goal by the officials and then somehow reversed in Toronto) and a borderline penalty shot call. The Canucks collapsed in the 3rd although outshooting the Wild.

    3. As for the Colorado game, no team had a 2 goal lead. But the Canucks did have two one-goal leads earlier in the game.

    The record remains the same, 0-3. But it’s nowhere near as bad as the remarks made them sound.

  3. Where have you guys been my whole life? Thanks so much for this, nice to see my Rangers getting some attention. Uh, if you like obscure music, check out my blog.

    Keep up the good work.

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