Puck Podcast – November 11th, 2006

In this week’s episode we talk about the Red Wings incredible week, the Penguins recent struggles, what trades we think should be made as soon as possible, what last place teams we think have the best chance of making the playoffs, the Flames wild adventure at the airport, the Flyers team unifying decision plus Doug has a suggestion for your All-Star ballot and a whole lot more.

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  1. The recent struggles with the Penguins seem to me to be coming from their defense. Mark Eaton, not a marquee defenseman by any stretch of the imagination, was still most certainly their best defenseman. He was the glue that held their young and very unstable defense and when he was taken out early in the San Jose game by Cheechoo (I personally thought that the hit was not deserving of Cheechoo being ejected, it was just bad luck on Eaton’s part as both guys appeared to lose their edge.) the defense of the Pens started to unravel. The Penguins desperately need to find a solid defensive defenseman soon or it could be a long 10 weeks or so until he returns

  2. Dougie,

    I completely disagree with your All-Star power play. First of all, the fans only pick the starters, which really means nothing as all of the guys get to play. Second, this event is for the FANS. Meaning, if everyone is a Toronto fan then all the starters may be Maple Leafs, regardless if they ‘deserve’ to be there. Again, it isn’t an honor for the players as much as it is a gift to the fans. If there should be a beef, it should be the way the defending skills champ doesn’t get to come back to defend his title if he is not selected as an all-star. I’m still upset that Al Iafrate did not get to come back and show how a 107 MPH puck gets shot!

  3. pen‧guin  /ˈpɛŋgwɪn, ˈpɛn-/
    Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[peng-gwin, pen-gwin]

    …from dictionary.com

    Ping-wins has got to be a regional dialect you’ve heard….

  4. Hey Doug,

    I thought Ekman was pounding away on Marchant not Penner.

    Hockey players really are the most accessible athletes in all of pro sports.

    I can’t say enough good things about Teemu.

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