Puck Podcast – November 28, 2009

On this week’s show we’ll talk about a successful debut for an NHL star with his new team, as well as an ejection for the MVP and one of the top scorers in the league dropping the gloves. As usual we’ve got all the latest injury news, controversial hits and suspension. We’ll have an interview in the second period with our Puck Podcast draft expert and scout Mike Murangi as well as check your e-mails and posts. All that and more on this week’s Puck Podcast.

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  1. Great show, but that seems to be your standard.

    Last week I asked what the heck was going on w/ my Ducks? Again I ask, as we just won two strait and shut out the Hawks!!

    And how about those Kings who I expected to see holding the ladder for everyone else?

    Seriously, you always talk about someone on the fence to get into the HOF. What are the numbers you think that a player should have to get in?

    David Nelson

  2. Only part way thru the first period in the show, but I wanted to talk about Danny Briere’s hit on Scott Hannan. (And I will, for clarification, state that I am an Avs fan) It looked, to me that Briere actually cross checked Hannan in the neck. It was indeed late, unlike what the first FB poster on the video stated. Both players slow up before Danny smacks him, so that leads me to believe that he knew the play was over. With the idea that Danny cross checked Hannan in the neck, I was surprised that the suspension was so short. It is obvious to me that Briere’s non-existent history worked in his favor. But, as this comes well after the goal horn and the stoppage of play, I think this is worse than the open ice hits to Booth and Drury we have seen already. Obviously the resulting injuries are to a different scale. But, as it has been brought up on the show many times, the league should be punishing intent. At least Booth and Drury were hit while play was actually happening. This hit was worse and, in my (admittedly biased) opinion, should have recieved the same punishment as the open ice hits, if not worse.

  3. Hi Eddie,
    Just wanted to clarify that while Phoenix is not my team, I don’t dislike them either. While my e-mail was critical of the Coyotes’ organization for woefully underselling their franchise over the past 13 seasons, I certainly don’t wish to see any hockey team fail in that way. I would love to see the people of Phoenix get behind the team, who are playing some pretty good hockey at the moment, but I don’t see that realistically happening.

    I know the NHL is trying to do something positive with the team now that they own them, but where was the league in the years leading up to the whole Jim Balsillie debacle? Probably sitting in the corner repeating “Everything is fine” like a mantra. The league pretended there were no problems with certain markets like Phoenix for so long, that there isn’t a whole hell of a lot they can actually do now except hope things work out differently in Atlanta, Nashville, etc.

    Like I said before, I would love to see the Coyotes flourish in Phoenix, and I wish them all the best. But, the writing is on the wall.

  4. Great solo job by the way on the last podcast (even if you did call me “Mike” again. ha ha) I would imagine it must be hard to do the show alone, especially in the middle of the night. Just want you to know how much we all appreciate it.

  5. Not quite sure what method of transport Mike Murangi is using to get from Brandon to Vancouver in one hour… The two cities are about 1300 miles apart. 🙂

    Anyway, nice solo effort this week Eddie.

  6. Hey Doug and Eddie!

    No, we dont expect you guys to know everything. That would be silly. You might be interested in knowing the NHL rules might be different from the USA Hockey rules. This might help the original rules question regarding taking penalties when already two man down. In cases where a penalty shot has been awarded under Rule 205(c)-deliberate illegal substitution with less than two
    minutes remaining in regulation time or anytime during
    overtime, under Rule 609(c)-deliberately displacing goalpost with less than two minutes remaining in regulation time or anytime during overtime, Rule 612(c)-falling on the puck in the crease or Rule 615(d)-picking up the puck from the crease area, the penalty shot shall be taken by a player selected by the Captain of the non-offending team from the players on the ice at the time the foul was committed. Such selection shall be reported to the Referee and cannot be changed. The great Herb Brooks was the first to find this loophole in the rulebook and this is the correction by awarding penalty shots.

    The other interesting rule that is not intuitive is the non-immediate placement of a player in the penalty box for somebody who commits a major and a game misconduct. Rule 403(c), the penalized team shall place a substitute player on the penalty bench before the penalty expires and no other replacement for the penalized player shall be permitted to enter the game except from the penalty bench; for violation of this rule a bench minor penalty for illegal substitution shall be imposed. So, I think you can interpret this rule as when your team is assessed a major and a game misconduct and a player is removed from the game, you do not need to put an another player in the penalty box right away. But, that player can only enter the penalty box during stoppage of play. The risk is that there might not be a stoppage of play before the penalty expires so you have to skate shorthanded until the next stoppage of play. And, if that player comes from the players bench and goes to the penalty box or on to the ice, you can be assessed a minor penalty for illegal substitution. The rule is for so nobody has to miss ice time because some idiot takes a major since we know how expensive ice time is.

    Reference Link


  7. So, if WhoreCast buys NBC, does that mean that my DirecTV will no longer carry NBC, MSNBC, USA and the rest??

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