Puck Podcast – November 1st, 2008

In this episode we talk about a couple of controversial hits including a devastating hit on a Hurricanes rookie, a possible injury to Sid the Kid, a Canadiens prospect fleeing North America, a contract extension for the Senators captain, Marty Turco’s struggles as well as talk with Lightning beat reporter Damian Cristodero and a whole lot more. To hear the entire interview with Damian scroll down.

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 Brandon Sutter took a big hit from Doug Weight this week. Hear our reaction to it on this week’s episode.
Here’s the entire interview with St. Pete Times writer Damian Cristodero from November 1st, 2008.

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  1. just fyi, I have time warner cable in orange county and they added NHL Net channel. It cost me $5 to add the extra sports package!


  2. sorry guys. first time i pretty much skipped the whole episode. i just don’t think this 30 team recap is working.

  3. Dustin,
    Sorry to hear you say that. I think you missed out on some good information and discussions this week but how you spend your time is certainly up to you. I hope you’ll give it another chance.

    Doug Stolhand

  4. I guess I’m the first to post this, hopefully I putting it in the right place. I’m from Vermont & root for Boston teams (Pats, Sox, Celtic & Bruins), I grew up closer to Montreal than Boston, but I could never bring myself to root for the Divin’ Scabs.

    I guess since that I live in Tahoe now as a skier, I have never really thought about it that much, but I would have to go with the San Jose Sharks as my ‘other team’ from the stupidly dumb trade by the Bruins for get rid of Joe Thornton. Plus, I can’t stand the Red Wings, because they are like my hated rivals of the Bruins the Montreal Scabs. At least the Wings don’t dive every other play. Being a Boston fan I know playoff heartaches from before the Sox won the world series for the longest time.

    At least know we have some brains in the front office with VP Cam Neely & GM Peter Chiarelli, I feel happy about the future of the Bruins. Now if the B’s can just fix their problem on penalty killing this season,…

  5. Congratulations on getting married Eddie! If you’re ever in Tampa, beer’s on me. The invite is open to you too Doug. Good luck with your new home. Enjoy.

    Can’t believe that Dustin had to skip through the show. As a matter of fact, I couldn’t believe it was over so quickly. I was disappointed that you guys didn’t get to your power plays.

    While I’m here on the site often, will your bonus content be available through iTunes? I work for the Post Office and it gives me something to listen to while sorting.

    Eddie, we’ll have to agree to disagree on retaliatory hits. And it happened again. Tuomo Ruutu checks an Oiler into the boards (legally) and Ethan Moreau goes after him. He gets the instigator and a misconduct penalty.

    And then this mess. Bruins vs. Stars. Hits, retaliatory hits, cheap shots, Ott, Avery dropping the gloves. Brawls. And…an idiot announcer. I really can’t stand Jack Edwards. Ott hit someone against the boards and Edwards says he had both feet off the ice. Watch the replay. Both feet were on the ice. Anyway, end result is 7 misconduct penalties and 6 fighting majors. Interesting to see what Colin Campbell hands out for the extra curricular activities.

    You mentioned the Koivu brothers being the first in history to be captains against each other, how is it from 1982 to 1987 when Brian Sutter and Darryl Sutter were captains for St. Louis and Chicago respectively, they didn’t play each other?

    Team Canada may be forced to play without it’s familiar Maple Leaf logo at the 2010 Olympic games. http://www.tsn.ca/canadian_hockey/story/?id=254449&lid=sublink010&lpos=headlines_main

  6. I just found this podcast about a month ago so I can only comment on your format changes that you have made this year. I really like the the 30 team recap and now that your tying in stories during the recap I am really enjoying it. GO RED WINGS!!!

  7. Okay, before I post what I wanted, I’ll take a minute to express something that I can’t stand: name calling. The Montreal Scabs? Are you kidding me? Are we in elementary school? I have hated the Maple Leafs for as long as I can remember, and live in a place full of their fans, but I have never referred them to as the Laffs of the Makebeleafs as I have heard others say. Why are sports fans so childish? I find it so annoying and the reason it’s hard to find a good place to post about sports online. Argh!

    What I did want to touch on was the hits. There is but one problem that would be fixed very easily: go back to 80’s upper body equipment.

    In today’s game, the players wear armour for protection. Not only does the hard shells they call pads make the blow harder on the victim, but guys under that protection feel safe, and know if they use that protection they won’t get hurt.

    Do you honestly think that Doug Weight keeps skating that hard into Sutter if he is wearing the thin pads Wayne Gretzky used to wear back in the mid 80s? Not a chance, because he knows he’ll dislocate his shoulder if he hits the guy wrong, so he still hits him, but eases up for his own safety, and because the padding isn’t made of hard plastic, Sutter isn’t out cold from the hit itself.

    Hockey equipment is the biggest cause in my mind to the concussion.

    On another note, was Sutter wearing a mouth guard? Those things will save more then your teeth. The amount of shock it absorbs from such blows is significant.


    Oh, and Eddie, you’re awesome! I love the way you get all riled up about some of these things. Whether I agree with you or not, I love your excitement. Keep it up 🙂

  8. If youre just going to piss and moan about the Leafs then why bother even mentioning them in your 30 team roundup? You obviously resent their media coverage so just leave them be. Maybe change the name to ‘West Coast Puck Podcast’ or ‘Anything but Toronto Puck Podcast’.

    I gave your podcast a try when I heard about it a couple months ago but its safe to say that my trial is over.

  9. James,
    Sorry that we didn’t spend a lot of time talking about the Leafs this past week. However, the fact that we cover all 30 teams means that we won’t have time to cover each team in depth each week. If something of significance happens with a team we will talk about it, regardless of what team it is.

    It appears, James, that you are a Leafs fan and not an NHL fan. This show is for NHL fans. If all you want to hear is discussion about the Leafs then I’d suggest you listen to some Leafs podcasts – I’m sure there’s plenty to choose from. If, however, you want to hear discussion of ALL 30 teams then I hope you will give us another chance.

    Doug Stolhand

  10. Puck Podcast listeners…

    Sorry about that little slip up in between the 1st and 2nd periods. That was my fault. I forgot to edit that part out where Doug and I usually take a little break and talk about what is next. At least we didn’t curse or say something stupid.

  11. I liked the talk about sending players out to fight after a clean hit, and I think you guys are completely right on a moral ground, that that kind of play is just crap. However in practice I think giving out suspensions for fighting after a clean hit just would not work out. Are the refs going to make a judgement call on the ice about whether the hit was clean? are they going to call the War Room everytime they need to make that call? I personally do not trust the refs on ice to make that kind of call, and it not good for the game to call the War room when ever this comes up. Granted my judgement of the refs is at a all time low right being a Blue jackets fan. Michael Peca got what he deserved becuase he touched a ref and you just dont do that. But I watch everygame and we havent and I’m pretty won’t get the calls this season. The Goal called back against the wild, the ref closest to the play said it was it good, it when back to the Toronto, where it was ruled inconclusive, then sent back to the ice, when the 3 other refs all farther away overruled the closest ref and turned down the goal. Same thing with the suspension of Jared boll, the Avs guy was headhunting, he came into the check shoulder down and he played the man not the puck. Boll gets out there to do something about a dirty hit, with less than 5 left, and he gets the suspension. Fine, thats how the rule is. But if what you guys talk happens, do the refs decide it was a clean hit becuase they either didnt care or didnt see it? then what? and obviously dirty hit from the TV, that isnt called on ice and the non-guilty team have to deal with the fallout. Bettman wouldnt reverse the call at a later date, so we get shafted for protecting our team. I like the idea, i just dont think it can work in a real game situation.

  12. I don’t know what the deal is with that James guy… I had read his comment before listening to the show, and the way he described it, I figured maybe Doug had just said, “The Leafs went 2-1 and… Hell, I’m not going to tell you anything you haven’t already heard somewhere else” before tossing away his notes Letterman style.

    I’m deep in the trenches of Maple Leafs coverage (I take in more than 2 hours each day), and let me just say you guys are doing fine as always. Like you said, it’s a league-wide podcast, and I hope it stays that way.

    Just brush James off…

    Also, I just want to say that you guys had one of the best discussions I’ve heard on the show in a long time (The Sutter Tap). Really enjoyed both of your thoughts on that one.

  13. Oh, I was also anticipating a candid anti-Toronto comment in the “little slip up” at the beginning of the 2nd period. Sadly, I was disappointed in not hearing anything juicy, haha.

  14. Enjoy your show, but It’s obvious to me both of you have a prejudice against the Flyers and do not bother to get your facts straight about them. Your Comments:
    1)Riley Cote gives ‘cheap shots’ (by Doug).
    WRONG: Riley Cote guys? I have never seen him give a cheap shot and he is no way a dirty player. He fights, and I have only seen him fight with someone who is willing to. The opposing teams know it and they either accept the offer or pass on it.
    2)Flyers broke a 13 game losing streak to the Devils with their 6-3 win (by Eddie)
    WRONG: They beat them 3-0 the last regular season game they met on April 04. Easy to remember as that win gave the Flyers a playoff birth!
    3) Why was a smoke bomb thrown in OT? If you saw the game you would have known. It was in response to a ‘no goal upon review’ shot by Simon Gagne. That’s the rest of the story, so please get it straight!

    Also how about noticing their dominant offense once in a while!?! With 2 games in hand vs San Jose they have 2 less goals for the season for the league lead in goals.

  15. Arie,

    When you say we are prejudice against the Flyers you are implying we don’t like them or have an agenda against them. That is certainly not true. We both picked the Flyers to make it to the Stanley Cup finals in our preseason picks. If we got some facts wrong, we accept responsibilty for that. But there is no prejudice against the Flyers. I do think that too many Philly fans act stupid and regardless of the reason (no goal upon review) throwing things on the ice, unless it’s a hat for a hat trick, is stupid.

  16. Guys, great show. Eddie, congratulations to you on your wedding.

    I’m glad I didn’t have the volume up too high when listening to the Lightning announcer’s play by play of Stamkos’ first goal. That guy could wake up a sleeping bear.

    I like the “revised” revised format better. The first week it sounded like you were both rushing to read the facts and you weren’t talking about anything.

    I appreciate, and I’m sure all the listeners do, how much time the both of you spend putting this show together every week. Kudos to your significant others for understanding. I listen every week and it’s a great way to stay connected to what’s going on in the league.

  17. Two things I’d like to chime in on:

    1) I do like the revisions you’ve made to the new format. The first two weeks were very sterile, and I wound up skipping to the end of the show. This is much more in the spirit of the show, and I like it quite a bit. (Nice editing, though, Eddie. =) )

    2) I have a massive rant on its way to your inbox, but the short version is: you’re wrong about headshots and fighting. A forearm to the head, to my mind, is like an elbow to the head: it’s cheap and dirty, and by no stretch of the imagination do you have to ban hitting just to get that garbage out of the game. Brandon Sutter learned a valuable lesson about keeping his head up (assuming he remembers his own name), but Parise was drilled by a dirty player, and Hollweg got what was coming to him. Even if a hit is rulebook “clean,” that doesn’t make it player-approved “clean,” and as long as the rulebook disagrees with that, and as long as the on- and off-ice officials fail to implement the rulebook in a consistent manner, players are going to take matters into their own hands. Might as well stop getting upset about it now, because that’s how it’s always worked, and there’s no good reason for it to suddenly stop working as intended now.

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