Doug’s Bonus Content – 11/01/08

Here’s some bonus content from Doug that we did not have time to include on the November 1st, 2008 episode. You’ll hear Doug’s fantasy minute, games to watch and a power play on why the NHL having all 30 teams play on one day was a bad idea. 

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  1. Hey Doug, another thing that was bad about their 15 games in one day. No games the following day. What kind of scheduling stupidity was that?

    And as you were talking about seeing lots of action in one day, I don’t think it’s up to the NHL alone, but also the networks. Take CBC with Hockey Day In Canada. That is a Saturday I can sit my butt down all day long and just watch hockey. The NHL could work with VS and set up something like that one or two weekends a season with up coming team, or rivalries to get some good hockey all day long. You don’t need 15 games, just 3.

    … and on a side note, good luck with your move, and wish you lots of fun in your new house. I just bought my first house this summer, and it’s great.

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