Puck Podcast – June 24th, 2007

In this weeks episode we are all over the NHL draft with a complete recap and analysis of the first round as well as insight from FOXSports.com and XM draft expert Shane Malloy. We also talk about the numerous signings and trades that took place in the NHL during the past week, we tell you which NHL players helped save a mans life, which players are off the hook from legal trouble and we discuss ways to improve the draft and a common mistake made every year in the draft. We also check in with our correspondent in Nashville to discuss the ever-changing ownership situation as well as our correspondent in Ottawa to talk about the changes in their front office. All that and even more in this episode of the Puck Podcast.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. Orange jerseys for the Caps??? When is the last time you looked at the flag of the U.S.? RED, white, and blue. Sorry your computer or local paper doesn’t represent CAPS red very well. They look fine going back to their original design. Great new training complex in Arlington, VA too! Like the podcast but it’s not orange!

  2. Alright, Doug…. lay it on me: Tim Brent?

    Should I even care?

    The Pens didn’t tender an offer to Michel Ouellet. Tim Brent is staying on the roster. I’m not happy about it. I understand why they did it, mostly to make room for Jonathan Filewich. But I wanna know if Tim Brent is even a factor at this point.d

  3. You know, especially since we have 500 centers in the system and Ouellet has a nasty shot and shows good ability on the powerplay.

  4. The new Caps jerseys looked orange to me,too, when I was watching the draft Friday night. However, when I checked the Yahoo NHL photos the next morning, I realized they were red. I for one, really like the look! I thought the old jerseys were too busy looking and not instantly recognizable to the casual fan. I guess I’m too old-school, because I really liked the throwbacks that Vancouver used this year

  5. The podcasts have been great! I just discovered the link on FOX last week, downloaded the entire season and have been listening to them mostly in order to feed my hockey hunger through the off-season. In one of your earlier podcasts, you guys discussed the “fan of a team” vs. “hockey fan” question. I found that interesting, because I re-aquainted myself with the sport last year (I’d been a fan as a kid) by becoming a Sabres fan (their farm team is located in my hometown)and when more games were being shown on VS, I became interested in more teams and players. Now, I’m an avid Hockey News reader, website visitor, podcast subscriber etc. So I’ve morphed into the “hockey fan” group. I hope more people do that!

  6. The new Caps sweaters are definitely *not* orange. Every photo I’ve seen, save the original leak, which suffered obvious image-quality problems, were a vivid red. Many photos are linked by Uni Watch, as well as a tidbit there that, like the Habs, the Caps will wear blue helmets with their red sweaters, and links to other unveiled/leaked sweaters (The Isles’ one makes baby Jesus cry).

    Jason in Calgary

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