Puck Podcast – December 1st, 2007

On this week’s show Eddie and Doug talk about the ownership issues involving two teams, another controversial hit by a Philadelphia Flyer and his punishment, the NHL’s plans for playing games overseas, Gary Bettman’s debut as a radio broadcaster, we’ll have a special interview with Steve Williamson of “30gamesin30nights.com”, and as always will review the big games from the past week in the NHL, plus a whole lot more.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. Your comparison to soccer is flawed.
    1) All the best hockey players in the world all play in the NHL. Soccer has nothing similar to that dominance.
    2) By that token, a fan in Europe would be thrilled to watch an NHL game instead of their own league games. And you will find many fans that are very knowledgeable about the NHL.
    3) The English Premier League is just one of many in Europe and it is not even close to the best of those leagues.
    4) The EPL naturally doesn’t have any aspirations to expand to other countries in Europe or the world.
    5) The NHL has had plans/talks/rumours about expanding to Europe for years, since it has such a strong position among fans.
    6) The flying time between NY and London is about 2 hours longer than NY to LA.

    In fact I may argue that games in Europe is just for the better.
    1) If the league is expanding its schedule to 84 games, then if you put those extra games in Europe, instead of a couple of no draw preseason games, the teams can not complain about loss of revenue.
    2) Make only the eastern teams travel to Europe. That would in fact be more fair and even out (to a degree) the travel disadvantage for the teams on the west coast.
    3) Put games where it makes sense. I.e. the teams should as much as possible feel like they have a HOME game.
    For example:
    – A Maple Leafs (Sundin) game in Stockholm.
    – A Canadiens (Koivu) game in Helsinki.
    – A Rangers (Jagr) game in the Czech republic.
    – A Bruins (Sturm) game in Germany.

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