Puck Podcast Bonus – March 29th, 2008

Thanks for stopping by PuckPodcast.com! As a reward, please enjoy this bonus audio of content that was edited out of the March 29th, 2008 episode. We've got some calls to the Puck Podcast hotline, some e-mails from you the listener and they're only available here at PuckPodcast.com.

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  1. I think the confusion over the comment about Ovechkin setting a record with over 60 goals in a season was in relation to Washington Capitals club records, not NHL records.

    And oh God, the glow puck. Don’t remind me. But the technology within it would, in theory, do what Doug wanted. But speaking of technology, how about that goal review that led to the Rangers’ first goal counting this week? The NHL spent a lot of money on those HD cameras; good to see it come to good use. Too bad that wasn’t around a couple of years ago, when the Oilers seemed to lose a goal every other week to a bad goal review, but that’s just sour grapes.

  2. Also, a news story to bring to your attention here. I don’t have an eloquent response here, so I think I’ll go with “What the f***?” I mean, I’ve never had anything like this happen to me, and I’ve lived in this city for eight years. The worst I’ve gotten is some harmless ribbing, even when I got into some, ah, discussions with Flames fans in the nosebleeds of the Saddledome. (It did help that I sat in a group with nine other Oilers jersey and the requisite random Jets jersey. And that we won.) Pretty shameful, I have to say, though I think this has as much to do with old-fashioned drunken jackassery as it does team allegiances. That being said, I’m going to take a friend’s advice and wear a coat around downtown if I ever wear an Oilers jersey there — just in case.

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