Puck Podcast – January 11, 2013

This week on the Puck Podcast we talk about the end of the lockout, the Leafs stunning decision to fire their GM, some star players that are not sure about leaving the KHL, some key injuries to star players plus news from the fan correspondents, your e-mails plus a power play and a whole lot more.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.

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  1. It’s so good to be back listening to you guys.had to stop listening over a month or so back.delivering depressing “the lockout is still going on” news each week,i was starting to hate you guys!i know that’s illogical and yes,i know they say “hate the message,not the messenger” but since when has passion for your team/sport been particularly logical!?cheers boys,keep up the good work and lets hope kovalchuk gets his head out of his arse and get back to jersey sharp!

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