Gauthier Suspended for Hit on Gorges

Kings defenseman Denis Gauthier has been suspended five games as a result of a hit he put on Montreal’s Josh Gorges on January 31st, 2009. You can see the hit here:

This is the third suspension for Gauthier. He was previously suspended two games for kneeing Vancouver’s Sami Salo back in 2003. Here’s what Todd Bertuzzi, then of the Canucks, had to say about that play: “He (Gauthier) has been way over the line for how long? That’s not how you play hockey; that’s dirt. Playing hockey is hitting guys clean, not going for knees and hurting people.”

I’ll have much more on this in this week’s episode of the Puck Podcast but I’m interested in your thoughts as well. Was the suspension fair? Should it have been shorter? Should it have been longer?

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  1. It’s plain and simple…he should have been suspended. Not only did he leave his feet, but he also threw his elbow when he hit Gorges. I appreciate a good clean hit as much as the next hockey fan, but I think that Gauthier’s hit crossed the line.

  2. If the NHL wants to crack down on hits to the head then these kind of hits warrant suspensions. Five games is just right. Hopefully this sends a message to every player and we get more great, clean hits.

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