Teubert hit on Caron: Dirty or Clean?

If you haven’t already seen the hit that Kings prospect Colten Teubert put on Bruins prospect Jordan Caron during a recent Junior Team Canada scrimmage take a look at it by clicking on this link.

Now that you’ve seen it I ask you – was that hit clean or dirty? Do those kinds of hits belong in a intrasquad scrimmage or not? Eddie and I will be discussing this on the show this week (August 15th episode) so I’ll save my comments for that but I am interested to hear what you think and we may read your comments on the air as well.

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  1. I don’t think it was a dirty hit. I watched it a few times and it didn’t look like Teubert’s feet left the ice prior to making contact, rather that his feet left immediately after. Unless I’m mistaken that’s what the best checkers do… “explode” into their hits. I understand that the NHL is trying to crackdown on head shots but I think there’s a big difference between simply catching a guy with his head down and deliberatley trying to injure another player (for example a hit from behind or an elbow to the head). I think these types of incidents need to be judged on a case-by-case scenario rather than simply eliminating hits to the head altogether. Not only does that seem more prudent to me but it also provides fans with a good reason to bitch and moan about the frequent idiocy of Colin Campbell and company!

  2. I agree with Nate, it’s hard to stay on your feet when a guy goes down and you’re basically leaning on him

  3. Looked to me like it was a clean hit. I think Caron just had his head down and yeah, I agree with Nate that stuff like this should be taken on a case-by-case basis rather than trying to eliminate them altogether.

  4. It looked clean, but that doesn’t mean it should have happened. In an NHL game that’s fine, but I don’t think players should be creaming each other like that during scrimmages. You can hit, but there’s really no reason to absolutely destroy someone. Then again, that will teach Caron to keep his head up!

  5. Wow, in a scrimmage, that hit was brutal, even worse, Colten seemed more proud of it than sympathetic towards Caron. The coach seemed to me like he blamed Caron too. Kronwall would be proud!

  6. That hit was definitely a dirty hit. He left his feet before contact was made and even though Caron’s head was down Teubert aimed high. I understand that Caron was reaching for the puck and thus his head was leading, but it was clear to me that Teubert aimed high and also jumped into the hit. And the fact that it was a scrimmage made it even worse, the game is meaningless in the grand scheme of things so he shouldn’t have been aiming to hurt Caron.

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