Southeast Division Previews for 2008-2009

As you heard on the September 13th, 2008 episode I gave my predictions for the Southeast Division. Here are my predictions of how they will finish this season:

1. Washington

2. Tampa Bay

3. Carolina

4. Florida

5. Atlanta

What do you think? Post your predictions and/or thoughts on the Southeast Division right here or take a look at what some of the other listeners of the Puck Podcast think.

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  1. I agree 100% with Doug.

    I would add two things.

    1. If Ovechkin gets hurt and is out as long as Crosby was last year, the Caps fall to 3rd.

    2. Last year Ovechkin did not have great numbers up to Thanksgiving. Things changed when Bruce Boudreau took over. The way the team plays now is nothing like they played the first two months last year. Prediction…
    If OV stays healthy his numbers this year will be thru the roof. The Caps finish first in the East and The Great Ones Goals record gets what might be it’s first test ever. OV 80+ goals.

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