Should Lindros be in the Hall of Fame?

This week on the Puck Podcast we discuss the retirement of Eric Lindros and whether or not he deserves to be inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. What do you think? Post a message here on to tell us why you think he should or should not be in the Hall. We’ll be reading some of the posts on the show on November 17th, 2007.

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  2. As of Eric Lindros (forgot to mention it in my last comment =P) I believe that he should be a part of the HHOF. He had 6 All-Star games, a Hart memorial trophy, four Bobby Clarke trophies, and a Lester B Pearson award. I have been very impressed by him when I watch him play, and I think that the HHOF would have a great addition.

  3. From what i know and seen of him he is a very skilled player and has a fair more amount of points than games played and all of the above. I would be hard pressed to find a reason not too.

  4. I think Lindros will likely get in, probably not a few years though. For me, the day he refused to play for Quebec will forever taint his career…if Crosby had refused Pittsburgh, I’d be just as disgusted. If you’re lucky enough to get into the draft, then just suck it up and play the game!
    I do give him a ton of credit for his huge donation to that hospital, but I hope he’s not thinking that will buy his way into the Hall…I don’t for a second believe that’s the case, but thought I’d bring it up anyway, stir the pot a little. 🙂

  5. Nein, nyet, nonka, NO.

    Bob Clarke said that he’s a Hall of Famer if you eliminate all the crap. When you’re talking about the Hall of Fame, you CAN’T eliminate all the crap. If you eliminated all the crap that Alexei Yashin pulled, people would be talking about putting him in the Hall too, but I don’t see anyone advocating that. You can’t ignore any of it; the ridiculous refusal to play for Quebec, the reasons for his being stripped of the captaincy, and his inability to be a dominant player for more than a few years.

  6. I personally don’t feel that he is Hall of Fame bound. The reason is, I don’t feel that his numbers support a Hall of Fame career. He only played in 760 games, scoring 372 goals with 493 assists. To me, those are not Hall of Fame numbers.

  7. First of all Bob Clarke said he should be in the Hall of Fame???? Bob Clarke who couldn’t stand Lindros as a person…and who I believe started the end of Lindros’s career….what a joke. I have been a Flyers fan for years….Lindros was a very skilled player, however, after his Legion of Doom days with Leclair & Renberg…he was just another face. I do not think Lindros should be in the Hall of Fame, due to all the controversy that surrounds him (from day one), his unwillingness to bend (so to speak), and his skills fizzled out.

  8. I think Lindros will make it into the HHOF. I doubt it will happen in his first year of eligability. Yes he has a stain on his career, but he put fans in the seats of philly. He brought attention to the sport. And he won awards and averaged around a point per game played. did he break any records? no. but he was one of the better players to grace the 90s.
    IF the HHOF was an “elite/members only” type of selection then he wouldnt make it. And IF IF was a 5th we would all get drunk. lots of ppl have gotten in that are not “elite”. Socially inept or not, he deserves to be in as much as some of the others who are currently enshrined. Just the fact that his name came up for this discussion is proof that he is a “house hold name” and “well known” in and outside of the sport. I didnt see this debate come up when Tony Twist retired.

  9. Hell no! He should not be in the Hall of Fame. It’s a joke that Neely is in as well. Staying healthy is a part of the game.

  10. I didn’t think so until I actually looked at his numbers. He’s only managed 760 games, due mainly to injuries, but he’s also put up 865 points in that time. Throw in a career average +215 and almost 1,400 pims…

    Not the best by far, but worthy considering what this guy could have done given a long career, much less an everage one. Yup!

  11. I say no, but he will get in

    When I think HHOF, I think names like Rocket Richard, Gordie Howe, Wayne Gretzkey, Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr,

    NOT names like Eric Lindros.

  12. Hellyeah, Over a point a game. THE MOST DOMIANT PLAYER OF THE 90’s. LeClair and Renberg lived off him they should have signed over their paychecks. Similiar to Kevins Stevens did to Mario Lemieux. He was a very unique player and is missed. Bob Clarke never got him the proper help to get him the cup. In an open salary era they should have had a cup. Never a goalie, still don’t Clarke never believed in having a front line goalie. (Yet he had parent). Lindros never had Enforcers to help protect him after Dave Brown left. Never had a puck moving defensemen. Clarke recycled the same crap over and over. When a cap came into play he failed in 2006 said he hadn’t been doing his job for years. Clarke screwed the whole Lindros, Recchi, Bridn Amour, Desjardins, LeClair era up remember he didn’t even bring in most of those guys. Farwell did. They Flyers are such a good old boys network its stomach turning. Hextall was brought back and just let up so many devastasting goals both during the 95 run and 97 rund. Hextall had one good year his Rookie year yet he’s a legend. Where have you gone Pelle Lindbergh and Bob Froese? WE still haven’t had a goalie Clarkey….. Maybe Paul can realize some value in Nitty and Biron is another average goalie. Eric Lindros I hope your one day honored here in Philly as a season ticket holder I wait for that day. Snider Clarke and the rest of them are just Corporate CEO’s who cares about them!

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