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As we mentioned on the November 29th episode here's an exclusive mini-show just for those of you that visit PuckPodcast.com. In this Eddie and Doug answer your e-mails about the Boston Bruins, Brian Burke, famous "line" nicknames, the format of the show and, of course, a whole lot more. We hope you enjoy it, we hope to do these more often, and thanks for supporting the show and visiting our website.

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  1. What on earth did Sean Arvery say to get him self suspendised indefently for some bizaree comments about Dion Phaneuf today? How Bizarre

  2. Tanner: Here you go, it’s Avery’s comments from the Hockey Night In Canada website…

    “In Calgary for a game, Avery made a public comment that seemed to be directed at Flames defenceman Dion Phaneuf, who is now dating a Canadian actress who once dated Avery.

    “I’m really happy to be back in Calgary. I love Canada,” Avery said in front of cameras. “I just want to comment on how it’s become like a common thing in the NHL for guys to fall in love with my sloppy seconds. I don’t know what that’s about, but enjoy the game tonight.”

    Phaneuf is dating Elisha Cuthbert, who is best known for her role on the television series 24. She dated Avery until the summer of 2007.”

  3. Sean Avery knows how to play the press… I have not heard anything specifically damning in the press that he has said lately, but he always seems to know the right buttons to push… too bad that it smacks of NBA and NFL superstar glitz… two ‘sports’ that I totally burned out on due to ego-maniac players.

    That’s not the kind of publicity the NHL needs to gain the right market share. I don’t want to see a Dennis Rodman or Ocho Cinqo figure in the NHL… I want to see a Stevie Yzerman, or Jerome Iginla, or Sidney Crosby, or Marty Brodeur, or Gordie Howe, or Wayne Gretzky, or Bobby Hull, or Ron Francis, or even Peter Forsburg – any of a multitude of great hockey sportsmen (just about ANY other NHL skater) – represent what the game is about. This is a true team sport and always will be. These guys check their egos at the door and play the game as a team. That’s one of the many things I love about the NHL. I hope they never lose that. Let SA go make hip-hop records, or glossy modeling magazines, or something… but get him off the ice.

    I’d rather hockey stay in relative media obscurity than have it make lots of money and get air time on the coat-tails of guys like Sean un-sAvery.

  4. PS – how did I miss the ‘sloppy seconds’ crack…? THAT is quite damning and low class… sorry for the oversight. I guess I was just too eager to pile on that guy… this is just one more reason.

  5. Just wanted to mention two non-NHL line nicknames. There was the famous “KLM line” of the Soviet national team in the 80s: Krutov, Larionov and Makarov.
    Personally I was a fan of the first line of Team Finland (Peltonen, Koivu and Lehtinen) at the World Championship 95 (or 94?) which was nicknamed “Huey, Dewey and Louie”. Not very creative I guess, but I liked it.

  6. Just to add to the cleverly named “Mattress Line,” the Sedins were also part of the “Brothers Line” with Anson Carter during the 2005-2006 season: Henrik and Daniel as twin brothers, Carter a colloquial brother.

  7. Carmen & Andrew,
    Great stuff! I like “Huey, Dewey and Louie” and the “Brothers Line” is too good.

    Carmen – thanks for letting us know where you are listening from. It’s always great to hear from our foreign listeners and to add another country to the list of places our show is heard!

    Doug Stolhand

  8. Nice, I get to bat leadoff! hehe.. Nope, guys… it’s just a “pen name”. I wish it was my actual last name. I’m kidding. Anyways, I appreciate the extra show to dedicate to us listeners. Have a great week guys!

    ps- So how do hits to the head get 3-5 games max, but Avery poo-pooing about his “sloppy seconds” get indefinate suspensions?

  9. Hey Doug and Eddie, the IIHF Champions League Group Stage came to end today and I wanted to get you a heads up on the semifinal matchups and what to watch out for during the semifinals and final.

    Semifinal Matchups
    Salavant Yulayev Ufa VS. Metallurg Magnitogorsk

    A dream matchup here, unfortunely due to the format, it’s in the semifinal. Both Russian Teams won their groups they hardley were challenged in the group stage with the exception of Metallurg in their final game against Eisbaren Berlin. Salavant have been monsters in the group, outscoring their oppenents 22-5 in the 4 games while Metallurg had a reletivly easily wins where the winner of the series should be the favorite to win the Champions League.

    Espoo Blues VS. Zurich ZSC Lions

    The Blues are experiencing some injuries right now, but got a good look at some of their young players as they were impressive in the group. Espoo were perfect in their group while Zurich survived from a very tough challenge from Slavia Prague where they just very disappointment after a great start. Zurich is getting better with every game and could pose a real threat to win the Champions League this year.

    Semifinal Dates

    All Games are Home VS. Away

    1st Leg on December 10
    Metallurg Magintogorsk VS. Salavant Yulayev Ufa
    Zurich ZSC Lions VS. Espoo Blues

    2nd Leg on Janaury 7
    Salavant Yulayev Ufa VS. Magintogorsk
    Espoo Blues VS. Zurich ZSC Lions

    A 2 leg series where the aggeragate series is determined on total goals from both games. The team that wins the agg score advances to the final.

  10. First off sorry if I mislead you on the pizza line. As far as the format I think that the most recent change is very good.

    MN 1st line could be called:
    No Havey Gabby
    Or the team could be called:
    The Slow, the Boring, and the Boogaard

  11. Although it doesn’t seem like it this year, the Lightning has the MVP line. Marty, Vinny and Prospal.

  12. I may be in the minority about Sean Arvery, but his comments to me didn’t merit suspendison at all. Their were no threats made, no cursing or vulger lang. involved. Not even comments about pointed at Dion Phaneuf. I think he needs to be on the ice to help keep him stable. Get him help, do whatever is needed, but he needs to be on the ice as a part of his therapy.

  13. Tanner: Avery should be on the ice to keep him stable? Are you nuts? The NHL saved his life by tossing him in purgatory, otherwise, he’d of been killed. Even Hull is having a difficult time supporting him. The Dallas Stars have removed his name from their roster, the guy is a waste. He belongs in therapy and will be…if you think what he did was innocuous, maybe you should join him.

  14. Tanner, just about everyone knows that his comments were aimed at Phaneuf. Did you watch the video? He specifically asked if the camera was on because he knew exactly what he was going to say. Would you want your five year old hearing that?

    Here is the definition of “Sloppy Seconds” from Urban Dictionary:

    When one man has unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman who’s vagina still contains semen from a previous partner.

    Derived from the fact that the second male is at risk for catching STDs from the first but the first is relatively free of risk.

  15. Tanner – There is a reason Avery did not play a lot of games before getting traded by Detroit when he started his NHL career. I read somewhere that Ken Holland got rid of him because he was not maturing and did not respect the game of hockey. And it sounds to me like Avery has only devolved from there…

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