PuckPodcast.com Exculsive: Fan Feedback Show

Here is another exclusive mini-show just for those of you that visit PuckPodcast.com. This week Eddie and Doug discuss your e-mails and posts regarding Sean Avery and trash talking, fan pressure in Montreal, a horrible minor league hockey team, a unique way to listen to the show and a goalie who is an old veteran of outdoor hockey.

*There will be no Puck Podcast this Saturday as the guys celebrate the Holidays.

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  1. i agree that the avery situation has been beaten to death but, since it was brought up again, i will give one last thought on the situation and hopefully we can bury this topic (but probably not). i am a dallas stars fan and, as such, i was never in favor of signing sean avery for two reasons. first, the team was not in need of a winger during free agency. we needed a solid defencemen (we tried to sign wade redden but he decided to go to the rangers). second, given avery’s history, we did not need his type of baggage infesting our locker room. therefore, if you want to point fingers, point them at tom hicks (stars owner) and les jackson and brett hull (stars co-gms).

    if you decide to buy a pet and you get a snake, you shouldn’t cry when that snake bites you. it is part of it’s nature. if you sign an a**hole, you shouldn’t later cry when he acts like an a**hole. it is simply part of sean avery’s nature. the blame in this situation is completely on stars management for wanting to sign this idiot and waste valuable cap room to do so. as far as avery not being able to play for the rest of the year because the stars don’t want him around anymore, that is avery’s fault and he’s just going to have to live with it and think about shooting his mouth off even after being told by coach tippett not to talk to the press. if you want to trash talk, do it on the ice. don’t call your own private press conference in the locker room so the entire world can hear your idiotic ramblings.

    it is such a waste. avery has got talent. if he had been a team player and not acted like such an a**hole, i am sure he would still be playing for the stars.

  2. Merry Christmas, Everyone.

    I have been busy with holidays, travel, and family – and am far behind on the podcasts – but wanted to check in tonight.

    I hope some of you are tuned into the IIHF game on NHL network right now – Canada v Czech Rep. What a fun game to watch. Canada just scored right at the end of the first period – it seemed inevitable, but what fun.

    Okay – time to catch up on Doug and Eddie…

  3. Okay… so, the 1st period was much fun to watch…

    4 unanswered goals in the 2nd and a quick one to start the third, and it’s time for the wife and me to pack for our trip to Detroit tomorrow morning. We will be at the Blackhawks game on the 30th.

    Happy New Year, everyone.

  4. the usa and canada both got off to great starts in the world juniors with impressive wins over germany and the czechs respectively. should be a great tournament. and, yes, the tavares goal was one of the most impressive i have ever seen.

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