Puck Podcast – September 6th, 2008

In this episode we preview the Atlantic Division with complete analysis and predictions on each team including a conversation with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writer Shelly Anderson to discuss the Penguins chances to repeat as division champs. We’ll also discuss Mats Sundin, the latest twist in the ongoing argument between the NHL and Russia, an interesting honor for Sidney Crosby, why the Flyers are cheating their fans and which NHL team is banning one of hockey’s most hated men. All that and a whole lot more in this episode of the Puck Podcast.

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  1. I’m impressed—and grateful—that you guys can keep the fresh content coming all year round! Even the NHL isn’t trying that. Kudos! Thanks!


  2. Good thing you’re discussing Sundin again! 😉 Looking forward to listening to the show tomorrow at work as usual. 🙂

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  4. First off I just want to send my condolences to Islanders fans and respect you for sticking with your team. The decisions and state of the Islanders used to be funny but now it is just upsetting. I really hope that your young talent works out because the one thing that a Kings fan has going for them is that they are not an Isles fan.

    Well, not surprisingly I disagree with Doug.

    While I agree that the East will be tight between the top 3, I still see the Penguins as the team to beat.

    Yes Philadelphia came on strong at the end of last season but they were a very very hot and cold team. They could come out strong and stay strong but they could also have another extended cold streak. In addition one of their major concerns last season was the speed of their defensemen. I don’t see where this has change at all. Good luck coming in first if you have difficulty getting the puck out of your own zone.

    As long as the Devils have Brodeur they always have the possibility to take the division. For the same reason though I don’t think that they match up as well to the Pens. If Brody has an off season or if he gets injured that team struggles.

    Ok the Penguins….

    Malone was a big loss but I disagree that Satan cannot fill his position. Malone had a great contract year but his previous year was far from excellent. Over the last 3 seasons Malone has averaged 21.7 goals and 42 points per season. Yes Satan only had 16 goals last season but that was with the gawd awful Islanders. Over the last 3 seasons Satan has averaged 26 goals and 55.3 points. Go one further season back and take out last season and he averaged 30.3 goals and 60.6 points a season. Age comes into play but Satan is only 34 which is not too old. Factor in that he will be along side Crosby and Malkin and I have reason to believe that he will put up Malone’s numbers if not better.

    Yes the Pens lost Hossa but he not only came late in the year but he injured himself for pretty much the rest of the regular season when he did come to Pittsburgh. In other words he was a non-factor in the Pens regular season.

    Crosby missed 29 games last season. 29! In addition Fleury only played in 35 games last season. So for almost half of the season the Pens were missing their top line center and their starting goalie. So when you compare the last season Pens to this season Pens you almost have to say, “Well they added Sidney Crosby and MAF to the lineup.”

    One could argue that they lack somewhat on wings but the also have some of the better scoring defensive men in the league. Letang came in strong last year and I only see him improving. Whitney had a bad season that can only be improved upon. Whitney also gives the team some trading options because with Gonchar, Letang, and Whitney you are stacked as far as scoring d-men.

    There are some questions in the fact that Staal had a disappointing season last season. This could be just a sophomore slump. Also Fleury, although he came on very strong at the end of last season, still has to prove that he can be a consistent goalie.

    Either way when you consider that the team has Crosby, Malkin, Staal, Gonchar, and Fleury they are still a stacked team. Every powerplay you are putting 3 all stars on the ice.

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  6. The Penguins will be just fine, with more than enough scoring power. Crosby, Malkin and Stall make ther other players around them better. So they will help fill the net just as much as the centers will.

  7. Gutsy call, Doug, picking the Pens 3rd. But I must admit – you made some convincing arguements… wrong but convincing! The only thing that might save you is how closely matched that division is….

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