Puck Podcast – September 4th, 2010

This week we preview the Central Division with a complete breakdown of each team. We also talk about a resolution to the Ilya Kovalchuk signing and a new rule in the NHL regarding player contracts, a new home for a Stanley Cup goalie, a former coach stopping a criminal, a possible new owner for the Coyotes plus your e-mails and a whole lot more.

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  1. I would like to respond to “Andy” who felt the urge to write in and rip the “Top 100 Players in the NHL” article from Bleacher Report. I myself am a featured NHL columnist at B/R, and while I didn’t write that article, I do write many similar blog articles for the site.

    Readers like Andy are common and reactions like his are in line with the concept of the site. It’s designed for user interaction and whether you agree or not – feedback is always welcomed. Many of us put in a lot of thought and effort into our articles so don’t let his opinion undermine the quality that some of us provide.

    From my experience, readers like the option of alternative content that bloggers offer and a sport like hockey is in desperate need of different viewpoints. The same circle of mainstream media pump out most of the league news/opinions so hopefully with time more options will be there for fans.

    So far the NHL has been very receptive to bloggers and they have a dedicated section on their website showcasing quality work. I’m happy to say a lot of my articles have been featured on nhl.com and the league has a very open relationship with new media websites such as Bleacher Report, SB Nation, and Yardbarker. As mentioned on the podcast, some individual teams have a different approach to bloggers, but the NHL have been frontrunners among major sports leagues by utilizing new media to grow their game.

  2. Thanks for the comments, guys.

    Doug and Eddie – feel free to remove this post if you feel that I am violating anything you do on this page by what I am about to post. I am not trying to get people to leave puckpodcast.com.

    I have a follow-up with this whole blogging situation. I wrote a story about it here: http://www.letsgoblues.com/cms/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=38:give-us-a-chance&catid=15:jponder

    PLEASE if you are as passionate about this subject as I am, take the time to read this and help me get the word out if you agree. I think us fellow serious bloggers/hockey writers need to work together and get some of these teams to change their ways. Power is in numbers people, we can make a difference.

    End rant.

  3. I agree with your comments about the Center Ice package. I have been a subscriber (when available as not all carriers provide it) for several years now. I don’t might the slight increase but (you knew that was coming) I don’t understand for a premium price we are limited to only one HD channel for the package and why with our purchase of that price do we not get access to the NHL Network HD. Again I love the service and its the only way I can really follow hockey here in Northeast Ohio, but why not take care of the fans, something the NHL has never been good at.

  4. Hey, I’ve been listening to Puck Podcast for the last couple weeks and just wanted to come on here and say, the coverage is great. My roommate is addicted to then NHl so I try to keep up on things for his sake.

  5. Hey guys, just listened to your latest podcast and I cracked up. With regards to Alastair who contacted you, he sounds British to me! Mate is often used in the UK and although those cheeky Aussies have hijacked the use of it, it is still a very common “term of endearment” in the UK.

    It may very well be that he “Americanised” his email to you. It is something I find myself doing more frequently when writing in to US forums and blogs.

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