Puck Podcast – September 18th, 2010

On this week’s show we talk MORE Ilya Kovalchuck, tell you about a coach who’s demise was greatly exaggerated and talk about who will be wearing the “C” for two Canadian teams. We’ve also got news on the 2012 all-star game and an old NHL barn being torn down. We’ll also preview the Northwest Division and read your e-mails as well.

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  1. Wow, just saw the new episode for this week and this might be the first time you’ve past the 2 hour mark. You guys must of had a ton to talk about.

  2. Come on Doug they aren’t dung on D. Cam Fowler and Sbisa should have an impact this year think about it: Lubomir is a great PP QB, Sutton is a mini-Pronger without the skill, Lydman is a slick, safe two way guy and Fowler is a potential franchise D who could be a Calder cup contender, and throw in Sbisa who is also highly touted, then you have a solid D

  3. I really liked Doug’s rant in the 3rd period, sounded like you were channeling Bill Hicks. 😀
    Now for me, getting paid league-minimum would be “BLEEP you money.” I’d be really happy if I was just paid $30K/year to play hockey, so if running my mouth means I get demoted from NHL to AHL (which is still good money compared to 99% of the jobs in this world), then so be it.

    Now in response to Doug’s assertion on the Av’s D, it’s actually a pretty good situation. Foote will be playing “6th man minutes,” so I would be surprised if his avg TOI is 10 or more. More than likely, he’ll be given 1 game of a back-to-back situation off to give the younger guys a chance. So ultimately, we have Wilson, Cumiskey, Shatner-kirk, Gaunce, Holos, and maybe Elliot battling for the last 2 spots, which helps in weeding-out the best of the bunch.

    Now to answer your question on Avalanche’s ties to the Nordiques…there is none. No Nordique numbers have been retired, no incorporation of them in our 3rd jersey designs. The only tie we have is Paul Stastny’s dad, Peter, played for Quebec…lol.

    Great show, and although the difference in energy was subtle, changing the time at which you recorded did make a difference.

  4. Penn State actually has multiple campuses spread throughout the state that are all part of one college, which makes it the second largest school to sponsor a Division 1 hockey program, behind Ohio State. The city the main campus is located in is not officially called Happy Valley, it instead has the very original name of State College. Happy Valley is a colloquial term for the area, because it was it was not hit as hard by the Great Depression and, due to the prescence of the college, the area is considered “recession proof”.

  5. The thing with last names that Doug talked about does not work like that anymore. It was used a few hundred years ago in sweden,norway,denmark that you got your fathers first name as lastname. I think the system is still used in Iceland.

    /jukka, sweden

  6. Doug:
    One more contradictory opinion on Ovechkin. I would say that in his first few years, all Ovie was concerned about was scoring–he had little or no D and passed rarely. If you’ve watched him repeatedly in the past two years, you would see a player with a few more facets. He particularly has passed more after becoming captain. Of course the highlights show his shots or hot-dog moves. This guy is focused on the cup and know he can’t do it alone. I was at training camp today and saw Ovie pass 5 times for every shot he took. I realize this is camp and not games. A final note–it’s in the Caps’ best interest to have Ovechkin shoot because we have Knuble and Backstrom to pick up the garbage and score on the rebound.

  7. Ryan … I have to disagree about the Avs D situation being a good situation, at least not for this year. Down the road there are plenty of good prospects knocking on the door but what will be iced this year isn’t the highest quality around. Hannan will be our shutdown guy but has no offense, and he’ll likely be with Liles on the first pairing who really needs to find consistancy on both ends. 2nd pairing is the inconsistant Quincey who from what I’ve read of camp hasn’t looked all that strong and he’ll likely start with either Wilson who is questionable and young after his concussion or Holos (who I believe is frontrunner for 7th d-man) who would be a rookie. Last pairing you’re right will likely be Foote (he’ll probably be getting about 15 minutes a night) but he’s slowed a step or two and Cumiskey who needs work defensively. With Shattenkirk, Holos, Gaunce, and a number of other defensemen looking to playing for spots it will be interesting to see how they try to fit them in and what the defense looks like for the next few years. As is I think it is fair to say that the current defense could very well give up one of the highest shot totals again this year.

    I put up my (optimistic) expectations in a very lengthy note on my FB recently so feel free to check that out (Steve Ballard … fan of Puck Podcast … notes open to all), but be warned it is long and perhaps overly optimistic.

    I think the Avs will be great offensively this season as with last season and the goaltending will be great, but I agree defense will be the problem on this team…

    My three to watch for this season for “prospects”…
    1- Jonas Holos has looked good in camp and is likely the front runner at this point for the 7th defenseman spot. He played well in the Olympics and could push Wilson for his spot.

    2- Shattenkirk has great offensive talent and has looked great in camp from reports from an offensive side of things but could still use some work defensively. He may make the team out of camp and could push Liles or Cumiskey out of a job at some point, but likely starts in the AHL and is a first call up…

    3- Ryan Stoa could be a first call up for the top 9 but likely starts in the AHL this year as he would be better there than on the 4th line in Colorado. Others who are making a name for themselves in camp are Mark Olver and Zach Cohen who could see action at some point. (While not a prospect Daniel Winnik is winning over many, many fans in training camp as well and people are excited by his play and what he’ll bring to our lower lines.)

  8. Someone else has already mentioned that Grabner isn’t on the Canucks anymore, but I’ll add to this. I noticed some mistakes with the prospects a couple weeks ago when Pietrangelo was mentioned as a potential candidate. He’s not eligible because he’s played in over 6 games in 2 consecutive seasons. I thought either it was a minor oversight from your draft guy, or it was outdated information. After hearing the inclusion of Grabner I knew you guys were reading prospect write-ups from a year ago. You might want to cross-check those before you use them for the following previews.

    For the guy who was asking about the all-star game i would HIGHLY recommend to go. I attended it when they were in Vancouver and got to see my favorite player (S Koivu) team up with Selanne and Lehtonen and they put on a show. I even bought an authentic all-star jersey with his name on it and it remains one of my best jerseys. It’s rare that you get too see this many skilled players on the ice in person, even if it’s a meaningless game. As most people know, hockey is much more exciting in person than at home on the couch and this is one event I would tell you to see if you get the chance. On TV – not so much.

  9. Further proof that the NHL listens to the Puck Podcast. A month or so ago, you were talking about how great it would be for there to be an NHL version of HBO’s Hard Knocks. Well, this morning in the Washington Post, it was announced that HBO will be doing just that, following the Capitals and Penguins during the preparation and aftermath of the Winter Classic.

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