Puck Podcast – September 12th, 2009

On this week's show we'll recap all the news from the past week in the NHL including details on the auction for the Phoenix Coyotes. We'll also discuss a report on a trade involving Dany Heatley and a possible suspension for Alexander Ovechkin. We continue our division previews with a look at the Northeast Division and play some more hockey songs.

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  1. You guys sure do make my nights at the Post Office go by quicker…and I APPRECIATE it!

    My vote for funniest ref/linesman name is Pierre Champoux (that would be pronounced shampoo).

    My additions to the NHL song list. For your enjoyment, I know you’ve already done these divisions I believe.

    My favorite is “Keys to the City” by industrial metal band “Ministry”. Lead singer Al Jourgensen did well with this one, IMO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlBccI52_OY

    Punk band “The Misfits” doing a song called “I Wanna Be a NY Ranger”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N86NN0FJM8

    The metal band “Darkest Hour” did a fight song for the Capitals. The music is great, but the lyrics are annoying after the 3rd “Let’s go Caps”.

    A group called The Boils did a song for the Flyers called “The Orange and the Black”.

    A punk band from Long Island called “Two Man Advantage” have a few hockey related songs. “Hockey Night in Canada”, “Penalty Box”, “Hockey Junkie”, “Skating Down the Ice”, “I Had a Dream About Hockey” and “Hockey Fight (Clark Gillies)”. Their site has a couple of songs on it. http://www.twomanadvantage.com. If anyone can find the Clark Gillies song, I’d love to hear it.

    Hockey Night in Canada by “Two Man Advantage”.

    A silly song by “The Zamboni’s” called “Hockey Monkey”.

    OK, I’m done, lol.

  2. I guess I have to take back some of what I said about John Buccigross. He got the important part right, Heatley to the Sharks. Not that we all didn’t know that was where he wanted to play all along.

  3. If their was only 2 bids for the Phoenix Coyotes by both the NHL and Jim Basillie, they’s cleary not much intrest in the Coyotes franchise and either way, the Phoenix Coyotes days in Arizona are numbered.

    It’s cleary not working out their and the league should be talking to other cities to see which areas to consider. Forget it Bettman, this is a losing battle to keep the team in Arizona!

  4. Completely agree with Tanner. The next big problem is Florida, which looks like it’s going down the same path as the Coyotes. The NHL has always been plagued by weak franchises such as the Cleveland Crusaders, Kansas City Scouts, Atlanta Flames, Colorado Rockies, California Golden Seals and so on. Maybe the problem is that there are too many teams. If the league were to lose a few teams, the others would become stronger and the quality of hockey would improve. There are a lot of players nowadays who are not NHL-quality players. I mean no offence, but it’s the truth. Today’s parity is not due to the teams, but rather to the point-system that was instituted a few years ago. I think that the league should take a serious look at its instability. Otherwise, the NHL will always be viewed as a less important league in North America.The fact that the situation in Phoenix has not been resolved yet is proof of how poorly run the league is. Of course, NHL owners in general do not seem to have a long-term vision for their own league, which is a shame because hockey is the most exciting team sport in the world.

  5. A couple of quick hits on this week’s ‘Cast.

    I think in terms of a retraction from these reporters that pull trade “facts” outta their @$$, I think, to some degree, it’s printed in the GM’s comments of “that’s bull” and what have you. When the story is printed Monday and the story Tuesday is three GMs saying “not true,” it is a retraction of a certain sort.

    In the case of the reported rumor, I really want to know who the hell came up with THAT?!? And how does anyone take it seriously? Just looking at the deal, why would the Kings do ANYTHING to help the SHARKS get a top tier goal scorer?!? Some of us may not be on board with Lombardi, but I would be hard pressed to find anyone who believes he’s that stupid. If the condition of the trade was contingent on the Kings taking Marleau in order to get Heatley onto the Sharks, why would you help make that happen? Unless the Sharks overwhelm you with players- making the additions LESS than the subtractions- Dino’s not going to do it. This was along the lines of the stupid Malkin for Kopitar crap last year. Watching the NHL Live show on the NHL Network during the year, I can see why these stories permeate, as “fans” call in with the following types of statements:

    “Yeah, love the show. Hey, hey, hey, why don’t the Oilers trade Moreau, Brule and a draft pick for Crosby?!? They should make that deal!”

    “The Rangers. The Rangers should send Morris, Naslund and Gilroy to Washington for Ovie and Backstrom. Why don’t they do that? They should totally make that deal.”

    Anyone in the LA area that has listened to “Kings Talk” after games knows exactly what I’m talking about. I think this leads to these rumors being thrown out and gaining life. Because even if they make NO sense, fans still latch on to them.

    I hope The Cheech rebounds in Ottawa. He has to be disappointed to not play Anahiem so many times in a season, though. But he seems like a good guy and I’m rooting for him. Should benefit if they put him up top, but of course he wasn’t surrounded by a lack of talent in SJ, either.

  6. I meant the Panthers, but you could add the Lightning as well because we’ve all heard about their ownership troubles. According to Toronto Sun columnist, Steve Simmons, the Panthers may be the next Coyotes. Simmons wrote that the Panthers were to be sold this summer, but no deal was agreed to with “the difficult owner Alan Cohen”. Simmons states that the current owners want out and may even abandon ship if need be. Simmons ends by saying “Make no mistake, the trouble is there, even if commissioner Gary Bettman won’t readily admit it”.

  7. So if the NHL gets control of the team and if by some weird state of events the Coyotes win the cup would Bettman’s name go on the cup as the owner?

  8. Mathew

    Thats a great question? Anyone go to La Kings.com and check out Jack Johnson’s goal last night there is a video clip.

    If the Kings ever decided to put him on the wing I swear he could score 30. He has better hands then half the forwards in the league.


    ANYONE WANT TO START A FANASTY LEAGUE. my league last year blew. There were 21 teams and we had to carry 33 players.

    TO Much. I quit at mid season.

    I will do a simple league in Yahoo

    Email me

    mcmurangi@hotmail.com if you want and I will set it up


    Draft and Prospect Mike
    Diamond Bar Cali


    Kris in Np do you play golf? Just Curious

  9. No, unfortunately I don’t. I grew up playing baseball and I cannot, for the life of me, grip a damn golf club right!! Really frustrates me, too, as THREE of my best friends now play. We would make a great foursome, save for the fact that I can’t do CRAP. Well, that, and I don’t drink. Why do you ask?

    Headed to Ontario tomorrow (at LEAST 90 mins, probably 120 mins away) to watch Kings preseason hockey…

    And they say there aren’t hardcore puck fans in SoCal!!

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