Puck Podcast – September 1, 2014

On this edition of the Puck Podcast in the first period we’ll recap all the news from the past week in hockey. In the second period Doug and Eddie will play debate and discuss NHL expansion. In the third period we’ll read your Facebook posts, Tweets and e-mails.

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  1. To me the Anderson signing just showcases the need for complete management changes in Ottawa. This has been their MO going back as far as Alfredsson and not trading him before his contract ended in 2011. Instead of not trading him, a player on the decline who still had trade value, they resigned him and to a raise. They eventually lost him for nothing last year. Anderson is going to be the same thing – I like him, but he is obviously on the back 9 of his career and still has the value to draw something decent in return – more so when you have such a great future starter waiting for his opportunity to take over. It is a desperate attempt by Murray to show he is doing something, without really doing anything and certainly without thinking about the future. Lehner should have been given a complete shot at the number 1 slot and they should have traded Anderson out towards the deadline, while bringing in a good veteran backup for stability. Heck, even trading Anderson this summer and trying to sign Brodeur would have been better as they’d at least have a reason for people to buy tickets this season. It makes you wonder what Bobby Ryan feels about all of this as I hope he doesn’t have the same frustration with this team and it’s seemingly clueless moves that the growing amount of Sens fans here locally are having. I personally think the Sens would be better off if Melnyk would stop his hissy fit with the Mayor here and Murray is replaced by any Ottawa average joe couch fantasy manager.

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