Puck Podcast Olympic Special (Gold Medal Game)

In this special edition of the Puck Podcast Eddie and Doug take you through the gold medal game at the Vancouver Olympics as the USA battled Canada for the gold. You will hear their thoughts before, in between intermissions and after game as it happened from an American perspective.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. I noticed how you were talking about how you think Luongo isn’t that great a goalie, and that he hasn’t really won anything. Well my question to you is what the heck has Ryan Miller won?? I tell you the answer to that NOTHING! Look forward to your response on this one.

  2. I won’t make you wait, Sol. Nothing. The difference, though, is that Ryan Miller is not called one of the best goalie in hockey by anyone while Luongo is and has been for years. Roberto Luongo has been hailed as a great goalie and one of the best goalies in hockey for years now yet he’s never won a Vezina nor won a single game of significance…until now. Now he can lay claim to being one of the best goalies in the world and now I won’t shake my head when I hear people praise him. In the past, though, the praise was premature and unwarranted in my opinion.


  3. I agree and disagree with you Doug. I agree that he’s a great goalie but I still think he’s not better than Brodeur, one of the best ever, or Miller either, the best in the game right now IMO.

    I think that because this is a team sport you have to look at individual performance just as you do with “what have they won”. In some cases, yes, a player can be downtalked because they fail to perform in big games and honestly I don’t think Luongo was that solid in the gold medal game. How many rebounds were left out there that if the US had a player right there would have been goals?

    Similarly you can’t downplay a player because of the team (example Kovalchuk).

    In my opinion, Luongo is good, top 10 in the league yes, but certainly wouldn’t be my pick to have in goal were I to choose a goalie for game 7 in the Cup. Miller lost the game but he was the better goalie.

    Great great game for hockey though … US, Canada, whoever. Great game by both sides and both teams and countries should be proud of the tournament and that game. Hockey as a whole won…

  4. Great tournament and podcast guys. You can really hear the excitement after each period and the disappointment in the first seconds of the last segment. I felt like I was watching the game with you.

    Doug, you mentioned a few podcasts ago that you liked ‘no touch icing’. I’m curious as to your take on the difference between Olympic games and NHL with respect to fighting. I know from years of listening to the podcast that you are a fan of the “aggressive style” that is encouraged by the NHL.

    But don’t you think that the Olympic rules, with the “ban” on fighting, allows for a tighter game, more finesse, and in general a higher quality of play? Sure, it’s an all-star cast. But watching these games makes me wonder how important fighting *really* is to the game.

    Your thoughts?

  5. personally i dont understand all the fuzz about olympics hockey.

    Doug, why did you go ballistic at Feaster? the guy is entitled to his own opinion, you don’t have to trash him.

    I think the same – and that is my right. Olympic hockey is crap imho, I’d rather watch NHL than Olympics.

    thank god next olympics are as far away in 4yr and NHL is back already 🙂

  6. I tell you one thing, I LOVED the “no-touch” icing. I think it needs to be implemented immediately (well, next season… do not change the rules mid-season). And THN recently had an article that agreed with me regarding the abolishment of the trapazoid. I think the changes in the rules in the “new NHL” as well as the changing of the types of players on the ice (as a result of those rule changes) will still help eliminate the true “trap” and the trapazoid will help START offense rather than end it.

  7. Re-animated Michael Jackson. Holy cow, I nearly crashed the car, laughing because of that. I look forward to future powerplays

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