Puck Podcast – October 8, 2011

On this edition of the Puck Podcast we'll update you on everything that happened in the past week in the NHL. In the first period of we’ll discuss the start of the 2011 NHL regular season. In the second period we’ll talk about one of the most controversial players in the league being told he is not wanted. In the third period we'll tell you about a team that wants to tell you what you can and can not wear at a hockey game.

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  1. Yo guys,

    This is from a Flyers fan who’s watched every game, pre-season and season thus far. Despite the cap implications, Brayden Schenn didn’t deserve to be on the roster. First of all, he was injured towards the end of pre-season. It was a minor injury and he only missed two pre-season games, but it cut down his opportunities to earn a roster spot that he was not entitled to for simply being “Brayden Schenn.” Also, he was severely outplayed by fellow rookie center Sean Couturier, who is still eligible to go down juniors after 10 games. There is nothing dirty or unfair about this move. Schenn could have been on the roster, even with the bonuses. The Flyers would have waived Shelley (suspended) and demoted Matt Walker (scratched) to the AHL, thus freeing about 3.5 million in cap space. But Couturier has been decades better in competition for that third line spot than Schenn. And so far Couturier has been logging important penalty kill time and 17 minutes a night, and has gotten a point in his first three games, so I’d say the Flyers have made the right choice.

  2. Mike,
    I respect your opinion on Schenn but according to the Flyers, Schenn would have made the opening night roster if it were not for their salary cap issues. The article I read said that despite his injury, management felt he had played well enough in the games he did play in to earn a spot.

  3. Eddie,

    Thanks for the respectful response. I look at Homer’s response like a half truth. Schenn DID play well enough to establish himself as an NHL third line center, but so did Couturier. If Schenn was far and away the better candidate, I think the Flyers would have made the moves and let him play. But honestly, if you look at the stats, Couturier was much much better. Here are their preseason stats:

    Brayden Schenn: 4gp, 0g, 1a, 1pt, -2
    (he also got a minor injury the last two games)

    Sean Couturier: 6gp, 1g, 3a, 4pts, +4

    In my humble opinion, Couturier’s play and his contract combined made him the better option coming out of training camp.

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