Puck Podcast – October 8, 2010

On this week’s show we talk about the start of the NHL regular season including what could turn out to be the goal of the year. We’ll also debate a controversial call that may have cost a team their opening game as well as a scary moment involving a goalie. We’ve also got all the news from the past week and your e-mails as well.

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  1. While the outcome of opening night with Vancouver vs Los Angeles was not what I wanted to see…I gotta give it up to the Kings for bringing back the purple and gold uniforms. A specific shout-out goes Jonathan Quick’s awesome mask with matching brown leather pads and authentic ‘waffle’ stopper. Nicely done…

    Go Canucks!

  2. Well I know it’s not much but $10USB just popped through on Pay Pal….and can I say the current exchange rate made that an extremely painless gesture….95US cents, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that high!

    Oh and loving that the regular season is back on track, can’t wait to hear about the Wings v Ducks game next week 😀

  3. Another year of whining about the european openers. Have you seen a pre-season game? It’s nothing like a regular season game. A bunch of rookies, and regulars that play like in an all-star game. Your problem is 6 regular season games out of 1225 (a whopping 0.5% of the games) are played in Europe. You are selfish, selfish, selfish. The Kings left 48500 unsold tickets last season. That’s a couple of games with no attendance. Your Carolina Hurricanes left 143000 unsold tickets last season. That’s more than 7 games with no attendance. Does it matter if they play a couple of games in Europe?
    No need to respond, I won’t hear it anyway.

    But what about the NHL Network this year? Hardly any live NHL games at all, and more importantly no Hockey Night in Canada. HNIC and the TSN game feeds was the broadcasts I enjoyed the most. Is this part of NHL forcing us to Center Ice (which many of us can’t get), or get NHL online? Maybe just get a canadian VPN and watch it online is the way to go.

  4. Doug … I’d like to take issue with your slamming of the officials making an unwarranted tripping call during the San Jose-Columbus game in Stockholm. In this case, the referee would be gliding back along the boards and may not have had a good ANGLE to see there was no tripping on the play. While the linesman is closer, he is concentrating on the puck to see who touches it first.

    While I do not referee hockey, I have officiated two sports where positioning and angles during rapidly moving play are key: football and basketball. I am using my experience in these sports as reference. I have made calls that I was sure of that looking at video later, from a different angle, I wondered WHAT I actually saw.

    I also recall a baseball game with Seattle and Milwaukee using replacement umpires where a player was called safe at second base. The umpire was positioned on the outfield grass behind shortstop instead of inside the diamond like the MLB umpires use. Camera replays from home plate and 1st base angles implied the runner was easily out. However, when the TV showed the replay from left field (over the umpire’s shoulder) the fielder did not put the tag on the runner in time. That’s why the angle is SO important.

    Hope you understand, even if you don’t agree with, my feeling (which agrees with Eddie) on the Commodore call.

  5. hey guys, The Atlanta goalie situation with pavelec going down for no reason kind of reminds me of the red wings game a few years ago where fischer’s heart stopped on the bench. That was also a very scary situation for everyone invovled. Just wanted to throw that out there as well. Things like this do happen but are horrible in any case.

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