Puck Podcast – October 30, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about an NHL star being benched, an agent calling out a team and more controversial hits. In honor of Hockey Fight’s Cancer month we have a very special interview with Puck Podcast friend and listener Joe Depto that you do NOT want to miss. We’ve also read your amazing e-mails and much more on this edition of the Puck Podcast.

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  1. Back-to-back Panthers fans called the Gary Bettman radio show today to ask about officiating punishment and instant replay. Bettman said refs are reprimanded behind closed doors and graded on performance. Those with the lowest rankings either won’t ref in the playoffs or only in early games of early rounds. Replay for judgment calls also won’t be instituted, but it is on the table for the upcoming GM meetings to be discussed.

  2. I’m telling ya – the Sabres are in danger of seeing the locks getting changed if they don’t get it together!

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