Puck Podcast – October 25th, 2008

In this episode we tell you about the NHL considering expansion into a city that already has a team, we’ll hear from Sean Avery as he returns to New York and his reunion with Martin Brodeur, we’ll tell you why a blogger is making news in Edmonton, which team is the latest to suffer from the Curse of Sarah Palin, we’ll debate a couple of controversial hits as well as unveil our new format with coverage and discussion of all 30 teams. We also talk with the Minnesota Wild’s Kevin Falness about the future of Marian Gaborik and a whole lot more.

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The Curse of Sarah Palin appeared in St. Louis this week!

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  1. Hey guys, just in the middle of listening to the podcast, and I had to comment on the Andrei Kostitsyn hit. If you look at the replay, you’ll see that it wasn’t the hit that hurt him, it was when he fell on the ice, his helmet was up, and he smashed his face on the ice. If you watch it real time, you’ll see the play keeps going, because no one reacted to the actual hit, because, as you said it was a clean hit, especially when you figure that Sauer is 4 inches taller.

    However, Andrei got hurt. It doesn’t matter whether it was clean or not, one of your players go down, your emotions are going to be running high, and you’re going to want to have someone to pay for that, and I give kudos for the Canadiens to stick together like that. I would question the heart of the team if they simply shrugged their shoulders and said, meh, lets move on. Nothing would have happened if Andrei would have bounced back up and continued to play.

    That’s where I agree about the Lankow incident. Great hit, he bounced back up, just keep playing. However, if Lankow would have been laid out and hurt, clean or not, you want pay back. You hurt my guy, I’ll hurt you. If you are not willing to do that as a team, then I question the character.

    Even Gretzky after the game said he was okay with the way Montreal reacted, even though he thought it was a clean hit by Sauer.

    PS. Good game by your Ducks against my Habs, Doug. It was a great game all around, but I wish your boys would have waited one more game to wake up. How did you enjoy all those rebounds Giguerre was allowing?

  2. Hey just got done listening to the podcast i liked the new format great show! I went on Youtube to see a video of Ben Bishop to see how big he really was and i found a video. It has some good fights and the goalies fight Bishop is in it. Also there is some great Broadcasting skills by the announcer really got me into the fight. Well check it out and keep doing what u are doing guys.


  3. Hey guys, just finished the podcast, and I just wanted to point out that anyone that does not get Hockey Night In Canada but wants to watch those games, CBC streams the games live on their website: http://www.cbc.ca

  4. Hey guys, first off I love the show. It is incredible and having informed hosts and not hearing almost 50% of the time about the Rangers (see NHL Live)is great. Keep up that great work.

    As for the question I have to ask, and you might not see enough Avs games for an honest answer, but what do the coaches see in Arnason to continue icing him over players like Hensick and Ledin in Lake Erie and McCormick and Guite who have been scratches of late? Nearly every Avs fan is tired of him and doesn’t see what he brings to the ice. I personally have watched him closely of late and he isn’t contributing offensively, is turnover prone, isn’t great in his own end … I could go on but won’t.

    What am I and the rest of Avs Nation missing?

    Thanks guys and keep it up…….

  5. Champions League Group Stage Matchday 2 Scores

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    Matchday 3 Schedule (October 29)

    Group A
    Metallurg MAG (RUS) VS. Eisbaren Berlin (GER)

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    Group C
    Slovan Bratislava (SVK) VS. Salavat Yulayev Ufa (RUS)

    Group D
    ZSC Lions (SUI) VS. Slavia Prague (CZE)

    Huge set of games comming up on Wedensday, as we get to the half way point in the group stage. The winners that emerge from match day 3 will have the advantage going into the 2nd half of the group stage in November and December to have the inside track of advancing to the konckout stages of the competition.

    Karpat, SC Bern and HC Linkoping will have an uphill battle with 0-2 records.

    while the darkhorses esp. Eisbaren and Slavia Prague will get a huge chance to pull off upsets to take control of the groups

  6. If I was going to suggest any area of improvement on the new format last week – you guys already keyed on it. I like it even better now that you have incorporated your editorial comments into the team-by-team reviews… very tasty.

  7. One other comment on the new format – with the team-by-team reviews, you end up basically covering every game of the week TWICE. I thought that might get cumbersome, but you seem to be pulling it off nicely. And your latest tweak only helps that, I think.

  8. Just started listening prior to the season and I have to say I am very happy to find a podcast that is well thought out, informative, and most importantly about hockey.

    The new format with editorials/interviews/discussion infused in the 30 team wrap up is much better than the straight team by team coverage and keeps the listener interested. Have you guys ever considered having a “Calder Memorial Trophy Watch” where you highlight the best rookies in the league from week to week? As a Leaf fan, I know how Schenn is doing and I’m sure everyone keeps an eye on Stamkos/ other top 10 picks, but i think it would help in getting to know the new faces in the NHL that are making a difference.

    Keep up the good work!!

  9. I have to agree with Dave in Wichita. While I enjoyed last weeks show, this weeks tweaks made the show far more engaging. You two have a great chemistry as well as differing opinions, which in my mind, makes for a much better show. The only part I don’t like, well, actually find a little corny, is the toss back to each other when you’re changing teams. But I really didn’t like the formal introduction from the week before.

    OK, onto some stuff from the show. Talking about having 5 forwards on the power play for St. Louis, reminded me of a shorthanded goal last season. Henrik Zetterburg corkscrewed Brad Richards while on a penalty kill against Dallas. Richards was playing the point and had to skate backwards as Zetterburg rushed up the ice. Richards is a good defensive forward, but not a good defenseman. See the play here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm3UxcQRJEI

    A mispronunciation of Nick Tarnasky’s name. Doug said it last week, and Eddie, you said it this week. You both said TarnasTy instead of TarnasKy. Someone used to point out something that I used to say wrong, so I have a bad habit of doing it too, sorry.

    I disagree with your views about players that immediately go after an opposing player after legally or illegally checking one of their teammates. Whether it is the enforcer of the team who happens to be on the ice already or another teammate, it serves many purposes as we all know. From Wikipedia, “Some reasons are related to game play, such as retaliation, momentum-building, intimidation, deterrence, attempting to draw “reaction penalties”, and protecting star players. There are also some personal reasons such as retribution for past incidents, bad blood between players, and simple job security for enforcers.”

    I recently saw Alexandre Picard of Columbus go after Kevin Bieksa for checking Nikita Filatov hard, and he got absolutely pummeled. By him jumping in right away and “fighting” Bieksa though, I feel that it boosts morale and builds camaraderie.

  10. Regarding the CBC streams.

    Can you see the CBC streams in the US? The live streams from events covered by TSN are blocked if you are outside of Canada. I can see the prior editions of Coach’s Corner and hotstove, but I have not tried to watch a live stream of a game.

    Regarding the go after a player after a legal hit. I also hate how teams don’t let it go and unnecessarily carry it over to future games. Unless the guy is an Avery that will keep being an idiot, respond and let it go unless he keeps at it. The old crap of “eye for an eye” only works if you stop at some point.

  11. I think the CBC streams are blocked in the US, but don’t quote me on it. I know you can see the channel in Seattle and Detroit, and other border regions, so…maybe?

    @Av-n-Nebr: Well, six times a year, when the Avs play the Oilers, Tyler Arnason should play 20 minutes a night, because that guy is the Oilers’ kryptonite. The other 76, I haven’t a clue. Replacement level player.

  12. But you know, that’s old time hockey. Do you think anyone wanted to hit Gretzky or Kurri back in the day? You ate Semenko knuckle sandwiches any time you did.

    Protect your star players, I have no problem with that, clean hit or not. But I give props to Hollweg on that one, because he didn’t back down, even though he gave up half a foot to Rupp. Toronto gets a bigger boost from that then NJ in my opinion.

  13. As the kids today like to say, OMG! Scott, thank you for posting that. I can’t wait to talk about this on the show.

  14. Hey Eddie and Doug, what is it going to take to change your mind about Fabian Burnstrum, he already has 5 goals so far this season and has a couple of assist as well. He also adjusting to the NHL Very well and will get better I think as the season goes on.

    BTW: Olympic Qualfiying is comming up from November 6-9. It will be the Men’s 2nd Round and the Women’s Final Round will be taking place.

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    These will be the final Round Groups

    Group A: Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Q3
    Group B: Latvia, Italy, Ukraine, Q2
    Group C: Norway, Denmark, France, Q1

    Q1, The Highest Ranked team of the 2nd Round Winners
    Q2, The Middle Ranked team of the 2nd Round Winners
    Q3, The Lowest Rankd team of the 2nd Round Winners

    Women’s Final Round

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    The Group Winners in the Women’s Qualifer will qualify for the 2010 Olympic Tournament in Vancouver.

    These are the teams that are already qualifed for the Women’s Tournament.

    Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Russia

  15. Listening to the show right now. Great show. Love the changes.

    Anyway: I wanted to comment on the Covered in Oil blog thing. I think this is rather odd. I own a publishing company myself, and I find it rather odd that there is any censorship whatsoever. While I agree that everyone should act responsibly and professionally, it should also be up to the reader to make that call and to simply not make this guys blog very successful by not following him.

    Also, what if someone in the audience brought a computer or an iPhone and blogged from that? Would that be disallowed too?

    It seems to me that the Oilers have a very poor understanding of today’s media landscape and something like this can only hurt them. I am not specifically an Oilers fan, but I generally like all Canadian teams. However, I do not have a lesser opinionm of the Oilers after this.

    I do not know all the details and I am in no way defending the contents of this guys blog. But the point is that with press/media coverage, censorship of any sort is bad.

  16. I think the hit by Doug Weight on Brandon Sutter was just a good solid shoulder check. The announcer (John Forslund?) said that “it was a clean hit, with intention”, but the next words out of his mouth were “but they’re supposed to crack down on this stuff”. Huh?

    Then the Carolina GM Jim Rutherford says that the NHL isn’t concerned with hits to the head. Sutter would of been fine had he kept his head up!

    Then these moronic comments: Guy Carbonneau suggests players need to make choices before hitting somebody in a vulnerable position. For the French press he drew a metaphor saying, “I’ve held a gun in my hand, but I’ve never wanted to shoot somebody.”

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