Puck Podcast – October 24, 2009

On this week’s show we’ll discuss all the big hits, goals, fights and controversies from the past week in the NHL. We’ll also have a special interview with our Puck Podcast draft expert and scout Mike Murangi to get a look at how some of the top players in this year’s draft are doing this year as well as some other impact rookies from around the league.

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  1. Hey guys,

    To address what you guys said about the whole Versus situation, I’m currently listening to the interview and this president guy just sounds like a talking head trying to sell his network. It just doesn’t feel genuine and I’m starting to agree with you guys on what you said on the show, especially in retrospect. Hell, this was one question about why not showing a highlight show each night to cover hockey, and he kinda avoided the question. Yeah there is Hockey Central, but the NHL is a 7 days a week business. Versus only covers about 2/7th of that, and they say that is good hockey coverage. Let alone they only do east/central games and almost never do doubleheaders to highlight the west coast teams and I don’t know if this guy in genuine or not.

  2. Hey guys, just had a couple things I wanted to talk about after this week’s show.

    First, I wanted to comment about the Ruutu hit on Tucker. While I agree that all too often hits from behind along the boards are results of players turning into the boards at the last moment. However it was clear that this wasn’t the case in this game (check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_AZmIriAHU&feature=player_embedded). Tucker was skating from the dot to the boards after the puck, facing the boards the entire distance. It was almost two full seconds with his back to Ruutu and facing the boards when Ruutu hit him squarely between the numbers on his back. Was it worth three games? In my opinion yes because it was so clearly from behind and into the boards…

    Second, I enjoyed listening to you talk about the benching of Frolov. Avs fans are getting to see much similar things in Colorado. Sacco thus far has not been afraid to bench anyone not playing as he wants. Veteran defensemen have been sat down for a game or two, Wolski has been sat for entire third periods (Sacco stated in interview afterwards that he was going to play those that gave them the best chance to win and that wasn’t Wolski at that time)… Best example though might be Stewart who was playing poorly and was sent back to the AHL because of it. After coming back up he’s playing much better because of it…

    It was great hearing about all the young players around the league also in another great interview (thanks to all parties involved there). It was great to hear O’Reilly getting acknowledgement because he certainly deserves it. He seems to be overshadowed by Duchene in the eyes of most of the NHL but it’s hard to ignore the facts. He’s a leading scorer for the Avs with 2g-8a through 11 and is on a 7 game point stream right now. He’s also 2nd in the league at +10 and is on the first pairing for a much improved penalty kill (and has 0 PIMs thus far). He’s often out there protecting leads late in games (see the Detroit game where he was taking faceoffs in the defensive zone shorthanded up 2-1). While it’s early this kid looks to be a true player and future star (even if underrated around the league).

    Btw, great to see the Kings doing so well this year as well. If I had the time to devote to a girlfriend team this year it would have been them with their youth and Smyth going there. It will be interesting to see if Kopitar will stay at or near the top of the scorers list the rest of the season…

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next episode already…


  3. Hey guys. Thanks for the Mike Lang heads up/warning, that was excellent. Hope it becomes a returning feature! =)

    I couldn’t really see why the Rangers put Lundqvist in net against Toronto (THAT’S where you should have used your backup), and then “rest” him against the Sharks.. It’s gotta be like you said, some kind of injury/sickness, otherwise someone had a really dumb day. No offense to any Toronto fans.. =)

    Great show as always, and thanks for the bonus segment!

  4. This might have been mentioned in the previous show, but I was watching the Caps game that went into a shootout from home and I couldn’t figure out why fans were throwing hats on the ice, either. I think it was because Ovie actually got one in in a shootout. 😉

    Big fan.

  5. What was the name/website of that daily hockey email you guys mentioned during an interview a few weeks ago? I thought it was either TSN or The Hockey News, but I couldn’t find the exact subscription you mentioned. Can someone help?

  6. Injuries, injuries, and more injuries. Maybe it is just bad recollection but I do not remember this many key players getting injured this early in the season.

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