Puck Podcast – October 20, 2007

This week on the Puck Podcast we discuss Bob Hartley getting fired in Atlanta and talk with Thrashers beat writer Craig Custance about who they might bring in to replace him. We also talk with Globe & Mail columnist Eric Duhatschek about what other coaches might be on the hot seat, Mike Keenan’s start in Calgary, what the NHL is doing to eliminate head shots, where Peter Forsberg may play and more. We’ll also tell you about Super Mario’s big payday, what Wayne Gretzky says will revolutionize the game as well as recap the highlights from the past week and a whole lot more.

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Kings fan since 1983 years. Grew up on the Purple and Gold. 2012's Stanley Cup win was worth the wait.


  1. Love the podcast! Contrary to your comments on this weeks podcast, I’d love to purchase some merchandise! The only problem is that your logo is so damn (for lack of a better word) BORING!!! Could you please redesign the logo? Seriously, its pretty bad

  2. Kris Ziel and other Puck Podcast fans,
    The link to the Avalanche Podcast Eddie referred to in the 10/20/07 episode has been added to the Links section on the right hand side. Thanks for your interest and support.

    Doug Stolhand

  3. the flyers are kicking ass right now! biron was named the NHL’s first star of the week! HELL YEA!

    ps i wasn’t sure where doug was going with all that church talk, but it ended up aright, going to some games with some friends, i can handle that!

  4. Amen Eddie Amen… As a displaced Kings fan that now resides in Las Vegas, it made me sick to my stomach that the Ducks are Cup winners, I am more upset with probably Team management and the owners more than anyone. That stupid stunt by AEG to put $$$ in their own pockets and probably Buttmans too for the start of the season stinks… I agree about Bernier going down as I assume most Kings fans do, our D stinks and couldnt hit the broadside….blah, blah, blah, plays with no passion. Sending Bernier down was a GOOD THING until we pull our heads out. GREAT SHOW AS ALWAYS…. Go Kings!!!

  5. Regarding Fleury and Bernier:

    Recent article about Fleury:

    I don’t really care why the Pens sent him back the result was:

    “Back when the Penguins made Fleury their 1st round draft pick (1st overall) in 2003, management made the short-sighted decision to rush him into the NHL that very fall. 21 games later, he was returned to his junior team, shell-shocked and completely lacking confidence in his game. Marc-Andre developed many bad habits that haven’t been ironed out just yet, and took a long time to regain much of his in-game composure.”


  6. Enjoyable and informative as always guys. Doug’s powerplay about Vinny Lecavlier celebrating his 10-year anniversary in the NHL by donating 3 million dollars to the St. Petersburg’s All Children’s Hospital stuck with me for the rest of my day after hearing it on your podcast (which I was unable to listen to until Thursday). Though I do not work directly with children with cancer in the hospital that employs me, I do process a large majority of the paperwork neccessary for these children to receive the care that they require, and it breaks my heart every time I have to read about which stage of cancer a child is dealing with. There is much about the NHL that I enjoy complaining and wise-cracking about, but Hockey Fights Cancer will never be one of them. In a nutshell, I echo your applause of Lecavlier (who I never particularly liked until now) because cancer research is so important to so many families out there than most people are aware of. Every one in my department (none of them hockey fans) now know the name of Vincent Lecavlier and the fact that their entire beloved NFL managed only 1/3 of the amount of his donation! Great powerplay Doug and Eddy and I like the new website.

  7. You talked about it the last two podcasts. I just tuned to DirecTV, channel 215. It says, “NHL Network SD, coming soon to DirecTV”!! I had not seen that until tonight! Just thought I’d add that. I’m psyched to see that it’s on it’s way!

    Excellent podcast fellas! Keep up the good work!

    Go Blackhawks!

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