Puck Podcast – October 15, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about a several controversial hits and an obscene gesture on the ice. We’ll tell you about an amazing first game for a rookie and the return of Mike Modano and Simon Gagne to their old homes. We’ll also have an interview with Thrashers beat-writer Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and read your e-mails too.

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  1. A little info about the helmets. Eric Duhatschek stated this week that helmets initiated by Mark Messier that help prevent concussions are available to the players. Some players have said off the record that the problem is they aren’t aesthetically appealing. The same thing happened a couple years ago when the NHL began to mandate that chin straps were done up. Prior to that NHL players conceded that it looked better with them undone. Go figure.

    As for the NFL, an alternate helmet is also available to them, but the same problem exists for those players. Last season after two major concussions, running back Brian Westbrook wore the helmet for the final few games and it was evident they are much bulkier and awkward-looking.

    PS – couldn’t agree more about the suspension inconsistency. And people wonder why the league lacks credibility. Keep up the good work.

  2. Props for the “sucking on chickens” bit you did. I laughed, uh, I laughed my donkey off.
    I’m glad you guys are taking this a bit more lightly than most… TSN is treating this like 2 games wasn’t enough.

    Love the show

  3. @ Bobby. The same thing happened in MLB. There was a new batting helmet that would greatly reduce injuries from being hit in the head by a ball. However, it was a bit larger then the “normal” helmets. Players said they looked dumb and NOT ONE PLAYER used them in a game.

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