Puck Podcast – October 1, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll tell you about a tough week for the New York Islanders, a couple of veteran players hanging up their skates, a controversial hockey figure resurfacing and some bad news for hockey fans who are Dish Network subscribers. We’ll also preview the Pacific Division and make our playoff and Stanley Cup predictions. All that plus your e-mails and a whole lot more.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. Doug (Or rather Wayne Shearer) was thinking of Jiri Hudler as the player the Red Wings have gotten back from Europe. I think he was actually the first NHL player, to my knowledge, to leave for the KHL when an NHL team still wanted him with the team’s blessing.

  2. Guys- I’d love to get a hat, but I’d also just really like to have a ‘Donation’ button on the website. I’ve looked forward to your podcast on a weekly basis for years- I think within the first couple episodes. I know you’re not doing this for money- but I pledge to my local public radio for the quality of life they bring to my day. I’d really like to have a straight donation to assist with the site/ download charges or whatever you guys are needing. I want the Puck Podcast coming my way for the years to come, and I’m willing to pay a buck an episode. That’s pretty cheap for the hour + of quality programming that I look forward to every week. Thanks gents, keep the best quality Hockey Podcast comin’!

  3. Jason,
    We hear you loud and clear, and thanks for your generosity and the idea. We’ve now provided a PayPal button on the front page of PuckPodcast.com for you to donate any amount you’d like and thanks again for your support of the show.


  4. Hey guys just wondering if you can’t ship out merchandise internationally just for the pledge drive or in general? What would be the easiest way for us to get a T-Shirt all the way down here in Aus?

    Donation will be coming your way after work tonight either way.

  5. Scott,
    We are working on something for our international fans and will have an answer for you on the show this week. Thanks for your support, interest and for your generous donation.


  6. Just wanted to point something out regarding your Phoenix Coyotes preview in this week’s show. You mention Kevin Porter as a possible player to watch out for in the upcoming season for the Yotes… Unfortunately, Porter was part of the Peter Mueller for Wojtek Wolski deal at the deadline last year and is now a member of the Avalanche.

  7. Great show as always guys. Eddie, please tell me that you got yourself some poutine while you were in Canada!

  8. Finally picked a girlfriend team. Combined Eddie and Doug’s criteria of “dating” a team in the other conference (Sharks fan here) with a bit of reverse psychology on my part.

    I’m going with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Yes, the same team I just couldn’t get enough of during the preseason (considering that they were RARELY showcased on the NHL Network during that time.) I wanted to pick the Oilers since that entire club seems to be feeding off the whole Taylor Hall vibe (not to mention Paajarvi, who’s stealing quite a bit of the limelight in Edmonton.)

    But the Leafs’ top line is looking pretty damn mean itself. My only worry is that the Leafs never get any attention from the media, especially the Canadian media. That’s okay though. With all the attention focused on my beloved Sharks and the rest of the American teams out west, I think I’ll manage.

    Har har!

  9. I settled on the Lake Erie Monsters as my girlfriend team. Like Nate I thought about the Oil for the young forwards there but only briefly being an Avs fan, and the Panthers are a year or two from being my GF team. Also given that I won’t be able to get Center Ice this year and I’ll be following my GF team online I thought this was a great fit and one that allows me to get to know even more about those coming up through the Avalanche system…

    Would that really be a GF team though or would it be more like watching the child of the team I’m married to grow up? 🙂

  10. I made purchase of Gamecenter Live today and I can finally pick a Girlfriend team. Last year I tried to follow the Devils mainly because I like the uniforms and There were some players I really liked. This year I want to do a different team but can’t really decide. I’m actually thinking either the Thrashers or the Hurricanes (Taking a team like the Caps might be an easy cheat) but still not sure. Any suggestions?

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