Puck Podcast – November 29th, 2008

In this weeks episode we talk about an interesting week for Patrick Roy and his family, Brian Burke officially taking over in Toronto, a goal that a Canadiens player wishes he had never scored and a coach on the hot seat. We also have a complete report on all 30 teams and put someone into the penalty box plus a whole lot more.

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  1. Is anyone else hoping that the NHL does nothing about the all-star voting and the Montreal roster loses 14-0 to the West and at least two Habs are injured?

    I normally don’t wish injury on players, but I’m always willing to make an exception or two when it involves Montreal arrogance.

  2. There isn’t much I like more than to see skilled teams beat thugs. Once again, that gap toothed thug Pronger and his cast of goons brought their only attribute to the rink and failed. I’m placing money that Pronger is suspended again within months as he is simply a moron incapable of self control. If the Wings were clicking anything like normal tonight, they’d have won by 4 goals, despite the constant clutching and grabbing once again ignored by the one and only Kerry Frasier.

  3. Montreal arrogance? I put no blame on Montreal here… The whole gimmick is for the fans to vote for who they’d like to see on the ice at the All-Star game, and fans have spoken. They’d like to see Canadiens on the ice while the city of Montreal hosts the game.

    The blame should be put on the NHL on this. Would you expect the Canadiens fans to NOT vote for their favourite players? This should have been pretty easy to predict, with all the special circumstances surrounding the club this year.

  4. You guys questioned what would happen if both goalies were injured in the same game. I believe Lester Patrick was the last person to do this…

    “While in charge of the Vancouver Millionaires, Patrick allowed Toronto to use Eddie Gerard, a borrowed player, as an emergency replacement as the Toronto team was decimated by injuries. Patrick did it as a show of sportsmanship and for the good of the game of hockey, but Gerard when on to be the star from that point on and cost Patrick and the Vancouver Millionaires the Stanley Cup. Six years later, Gerard and Patrick would cross paths again in the playoffs in 1928 with Patrick coaching the New York Rangers and Gerard managing the Montreal Maroons. Teams back then didn’t carry back up goalies, and when Ranger starter Lorne Chabot was injured, Patrick asked to use a borrowed goaltender as a replacement, but Gerard refused knowing the Cup would be his almost certainly with the Rangers lacking a true goalie. Patrick, at the age of 44 decided to put the pads on himself. This move energized his Rangers. They played inspired hockey and the game went in to overtime. In a game that Hollywood couldn’t dream of, Frank Boucher went on to score in overtime for the Rangers. The Rangers went on to win the Stanley Cup.” — Taken from nyrangerslegends.blogspot.com/2007/05/lester-patrick.html

    I also found a shortened version at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lester_Patrick

  5. It’s funny about Dallas’ situation. When Sean Avery was in NY, and they were about to play the Sabres, the idiot says he’s going to hurt Buffalo, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, he didn’t hurt anybody (good thing too), and when on to be a total non factor as the Rangers lost that series.

    Then, the following year, he is a non factor against the Penguins in the postseason.

    When he signed with the Stars, he said he was going to a “better team”, than he had with the Rangers. And, like Doug and Eddie have talked about, Dallas has played poorly and had some bad luck with injuries.

    So, is it Sean Avery or just coincidence? You decide. lol

  6. Clarification on Claude Lemieux; he signed an AHL contract with the Worchester Sharks not the SJ Sharks. Therefore I don’t think waivers enter into the picture.

    It is highly doubtful whether he would get a shot at the SJ Sharks lineup if his comeback attempt continues to progress. The Sharks have enough depth and grit and I just don’t see Lemieux being any better. Maybe another NHL team might see some good things from him, enough to give him a shot — but not the Sharks.

  7. About the emergency root canal, I’ll buy it. A few years ago I had a horrible tooth ache in a molar. I had it continually checked by my dentist. He said it was inflamed and I should gargle salt water occasionally. This covered up the infection that was in the tooth and eventually I ended up being fine one moment and writhing around in screaming pain the next, feeling as if a nail was being driven up into my skull. I sought emergency dentistry from ANOTHER dentist and was told that the tooth and root had died all the way and the infection could get worse, potentially go septic, and kill me. So, I quickly had an emergency root canal. While legacy hatred finds me not caring much for Sak-lick, I would not wish this pain even on him. Go Red Wings.

  8. Can’t wait to hear Doug and Eddie’s opinion on the most recent Avery debacle.

    All I really have to say about it is that the NHL proved him right by suspending him. His comments sure set that game up to be a must-see, but instead of pulling in a bucket-load of extra viewers, the NHL suspends Avery and cuts the interest of that game in half.

    The NHL needs to realize that they’re in the television business. The longer it takes them to do this, the more the NHL will fail in the world of majour league sports television.

  9. Adam: You’re a walking contradiction on Avery. You applaud the NHL for suspending him and then trash them for not exploiting Avery’s comments to gain ratings? That doesn’t compute. Avery is a piece of shit, always was, always will be. He hurts the game and everyone it it. No one he plays with has ever respected him or his game, ask around. If you really think about it, anyone that supports any stunt he’s pulled the past 5 years is probably mentally unstable. Professional athletes, more than anything else, are role models FIRST for young people, and puppets for profit second. I hope the NHL embraces that opinion and puts Avery down for a long time.

  10. I didn’t applaud the NHL on suspending him… I’m critisizing them for it.

    My words were directed to Avery’s comments about “How the NHL sucks at marketing” and how “People want to see heroes and villains”. He’s 100% correct on the matter, and by suspending him, the NHL is just proving everything he said. The NHL sucks at marketing.

    There was so much potential in that game, and they stripped it away. After hearing Avery’s comments, a gunshot wound wouldn’t have stopped me from seeing that game. As soon as the suspended him, keeping him out of the game, it killed the amazing interest that had been generated.

    Having Avery in the league DOES NOT stop children from having good role models in the NHL. If anything, I feel it encourages it. How? When Avery gets beat (in both ways…), it makes him a BAD example, and lets kids know what not to do.

  11. You’re operating on a huge assumption–that kids know the difference between what to emulate and what not to, most kids watching their heroes don’t possess that kind of logic. Since Avery is completely incapable of ever doing the right thing, he should be ignored and even avoided by broadcasters, reporters and any other media. That way, he can become as irrelevant to the game as he deserves to be and drift away–I can think of nothing better.

  12. To be honest as far as the All Star Game is concerned to me this is just adding one more clown to the car. The All Star Game was a joke to begin with…

  13. I’m so tired of hearing people say that Avery’s behavior is just what the NHL needs to promote itself outside of Canada. The NHL is doing just fine by me and I could give a rat’s ass if the majority of Americans never discovered what they’re missing out on. Part of the reason I fell in love with hockey is because the players seemed more down to earth and less likely to put themselves above their teams. Avery’s an ass clown and sadly he’s getting exactly what he wants, namely undeserved attention. The joke’s on us.

  14. The NHL is not a freak show, a la big time wrestling with all the sophomoric trash talking. That was a rigged, set up, dumbass thing Avery did and he should go. Maybe he can take Pronger with him….

  15. Doug and Eddie, Kudos for your clever takes on undisclosed injuries – Erskine’s bleeding gums/hair replacement finally sent me over the edge.

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