Puck Podcast – November 27, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about proper player etiquette after a loss, the Islanders losing streak, Chris Pronger doing his Sean Avery impression and a strange bobble head giveaway. We'll also read your e-mails and much more on this edition of the Puck Podcast.

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  1. Christensen is not playing well for the Rangers. He is still inconsistent in both scoring and effort. He probably will be cast aside as soon as Drury returns..

  2. Jack – You are correct. I had seen the Oilers game and he looked good and I think I saw a highlight or two of him in other games and thought “wow, he’s doing well.” Upon further review, he’s not. You are correct and thanks for the post.

  3. Christensen has a lot of skill, but is just a psychological mess. I think he needs a shrink, not a hockey coach.

    After looking at the Columbus Blue Jackets’ new third jersey, maybe a topic for next weekend’s show should be all this powder blue we are seeing in these team’s third jerseys. It’s ridiculous.

    It seems like everyone is ripping off the Penguins’ one. Just look at Columbus’s, Florida’s, etc. It seems like we are seeing this everywhere now.

  4. OK, I posted that before I got to the e-mail portion of the show. LOL

    But still, too much powder blue in these jerseys now!

  5. In your comment re: Ovechkin, Semin, and Kovalchuk having a laugh after a 5-0 game, you guys are missing the point. There is nothing wrong with catching up with good friends after a game. However, it is immature and inappropriate to do that while your head coach is holding a press conference closeby, especially after your team just got blown out by one of the worst teams in the NHL. It is just not professional, especially for someone such as Ovechkin, who is a captain, wears a “C” and sets the tone for the team. He should have had the tact and good sense to say, “ilya and alex, let’s take this elsewhere.” This is the NHL, not some beer league. Do you think you would see Lemieux, Francis, Lidstrom or Yzerman doing that? It just gives the wrong impression, and cements the notion that some of these guys are just a bunch of overpaid kids.

  6. Doug –

    Just a correction on your comment about Tyler Myers. He WAS on the top defensive pair for the Sabres last year (grabbing the spot from Cpt. Craig Rivet)and was paired alongside Henrik Tallinder against all of the top lines from, I would say, December forward. While, I firmly agree that Myers’ struggle is due to more than a Sophmore slump, I would blame Buffalo’s management more than anything else. Shaone Morrison was supposed to be brought in as a cheaper Tallinder to play on the top line with Myers and he’s not showing 1st line skill. I think Myer’s success last season was due in no small part to having Tallinder there with him helping him out of tough spots and staying at home when Myers would pinch in the offensive zone.

    This is yet another example (if I can get on my soapbox) of why the Sabres are struggling. I’ve heard many Buffalo fans calling for Lindy Ruff to be fired, but it’s not his fault that GM Darcy Regier’s motto seems to be “the best move is to do nothing”. Letting both Tallinder and Lydman walk is akin to how they let Drury and Briere walk a few years ago and the team struggled because of it. As a Sabres fan, I really do believe than the team’s management, from owner to head coach, just doesn’t care about bringing a Cup to Buffalo. If they did, it would seem they’d make some trades and re-sign valuable players, rather than patch some holes, keep everybody whose contract isn’t up yet, and say “This is your team. Stanley Cup contenders…”. Absurd!

    I have a hard time believing that we couldn’t have kept Danny Briere, Chris Drury, Brian Campbell, and Henrik Tallinder; gotten rid of dead weight like Tim Connoly, Jochen Hecht, Drew Stafford, and Craig Rivet and not be under the salary cap.

    Now that I’ve vented, I’m sure I’ll feel better for the next five days, then we’ll play Columbus and the frustration will be back.

  7. I actually think that the “Stanley Cup Winner vs. Everyone Else” would work, at least this year. The non cup winning team would have lots of good scoring forwards with Ovechkin, Semin, and Backstrom from the Caps, plus Thorton and Marleau of the Sharks, the Sedin twins, and Stamkos. They’d have Green, Kaberle, Shea Weber, Bouwmeester, Chara, Phaneuf, and Doughty playing “D” and their pick of Thomas and Price in goal.

  8. As for the Player Auction that the Ottawa Senators did. Why not go on vacation with a couple of dates to somewhere in the Carribean sometime during the off-season.

  9. Another fine episode, gentlemen!

    I appreciate your comments about my hometown boys, the Thrashers. We’ve had a helluva go these last few seasons with too many ups and downs to count, but things are starting to look up with no small thanks due to the lads from Chicago.

    Keep up the fine work.

  10. Not only is this the greatest hockey podcast on the internet, this is perhaps the greatest podcast in the history of the internet!!

    Keep it up!

  11. I remember a few weeks ago you were talking about how the Whalers were coming back (sort of) in the AHL. Well, that has now happened.

    On Saturday night, the Hartford Wolf Pack turned into the Connecticut Whale. The game drew over 13,000 fans which almost set a franchise record in attendance for a game. Old Whalers fans invaded the place! The name isn’t quite Whalers, though, but it’s still a pretty cool thing.

    Another positive is that when the Whale came out onto the ice for the first time, and after every goal they scored, they played Brass Bonanza! Hopefully that great tune is back for good!

    You can read more about it here. There are a couple other linking stories as well. Thanks.


  12. Well Eddie your team just got Sturm. Good luck with him. He’s a real character player and when he’s on he’s a good second line type guy. Problem is he tended to show dwindling returns as the seasons went on and that, coupled with back to back serious knee injuries, and the fact that is 32 years old make him a bit of a gamble when he’s making over 3 mil this year.

    The one thing you will have to watch for is what we in Boston called the Sturm-Face, When (if?) Marco scores a goal watch for the look on Sturm’s face which suggests something between angry pitbull and soft core porn climax. It’s really quite funny and is probably the thing we’ll miss most about Sturm here in Boston.

    Her’s a link to show you what I’m talking about. Fast foreward to 2:36.


  13. I listened to this one a while back and meant to leave a comment earlier. Thanks for reading my email. It was great to hear what you had to say about people watching the players and not the puck. Doug hit the nail on the head when he talked about not always “seeing” the ball in football. I made the exact same argument to my friend the day before listening to the podcast, stating that you’d just look at someone funny if they watched a run play and asked you where the football was. It sounds like a stupid question, as is the question: “where is the puck?”

    I thought the funniest part of the show was definitely the Gaborik Bobblehead Night that Minnesota hosted for his return. Your comments on the silliness of this promotion had me laughing out loud as I was driving along on the highway. Doug: “And, here come the bobbleheads!” That still cracks me up, as does the comment about Mo Vaughn’s bobblehead being in permanent timeout. HA HA! Keep up the good work.

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