Puck Podcast – November 20, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about the passing of Pat Burns, Colin Campbell’s e-mail scandal and our first coaching change of the season. We’ll also talk about Sean Avery’s sucker-punch and the most exciting game of the NHL season so far. We’ve got an interview with Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch to talk about the Columbus Blue Jackets and we’ll read your always intelligent e-mails and more on this edition of the Puck Podcast.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. Hey guys,

    I finally have a complaint, and after 3 years of listening to this great show, I guess it was time. I hope in the future you guys think about capping the show at a time limit? I just saw the length of this episode and it’s now over 2.25 hours. I know there was a lot to talk about this week with Colin Campbell and Pat Burns, but if there is no time limit are we approaching 3 hour hour shows?

    If not capping a limit, ever think about splitting up the podcast into parts? I mean you do 3 periods, why not just break them up if they get too long? Having 3 podcasts in the queue for the week isn’t a bad thing.

    You know me as someone who loves this podcast and still do. Hell, it’s the best podcast I have on the subscription list but I saw that and I wanted to voice this concern. As always, love the Hockey talk, but hopefully the show doesn’t get “too” long.

  2. Actually, thinking about it some more, maybe it might be nice to go 3 hours. I’ve actually started breaking up the podcast into the 3 parts myself because most of the time I can’t get through it in one setting, or digest what what said. So whenever I hear the horn, I turn it off, and then for the most part hear periods 2 and 3 in one setting.

    We don’t get much hockey talk from the normal media so I wonder why I’m complaining about something I’ve always wanted and what you guys do an awesome job doing. So, if you want to address my previous post, go ahead, (in regards to setting a limit for how long the show can go each week) or you can just ignore it. 🙂

  3. We would like to have the show be around 2 hours but this week it just went a little longer then expected. I’ll talk to Doug about the possibility of breaking the show into 3 parts and see what other listeners have to say as well. Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Actually, can you just ignore everything I said. I’m listening to this show and it’s as great as ever. Don’t change. Hell, if you can delete posts here that would be good, but if not, just don’t change. You guys really are the best Podcast out there, and I’m not just talking Hockey/Sports related.

  5. Give Doug that Hollywood studio because Sean Avery actually has a screenplay being adapted for a movie with New Line Cinema. It’s been in the works since 2008/2009 though so don’t hold your breath

  6. Prust and Stortini have a lot of history. Its not like Prust was forced to fight because of mean ole Avery, he did it 18 times last year. Avery stands up for teammates and battles for the blue, thats why Rangers fans are so fond of him.

    People seem to get their Avery blinders on about this “fight” because it was Smid who challenged Avery after a clean hit. Smid was ready, but needs to learn to protect himself at all times after making the challenge. The right call would have been 2 minutes instigation for Smid, but no ref in the world makes that one when Avery is involved.

    Sean Avery gets too much hate for a guy who isn’t out there just because he has no problem intentionally injuring people like Matt Cooke and Whoever Kaleta from the Sabres.. those guys are the people you guys should be hating on.

    Love the show!

  7. Not sure what would be worse the Tooth Fairy starring “The Rock” or a movie about Steve Avery. I’ll stick to watching neither.

    Anze Kopitar is Slovenian not Slovakian. So if the guy in LA is wearing a Slovakian jersey that could be a bit of a jersey foul.

    Enjoying the shows no matter what the length and I like the boat race sound bite (especially when Montreal is manning the motor), no need to change it.
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Dud, I believe that while Anze Kopitar is Slovenian, he played junior level hockey in Slovakia, so the jersey would be appropriate.

  9. Great show as always guys!

    About the guy who was asking about possible “hockey movies”

    One story that popped into my mind while listening was the story of Theo Fleury. I have read his “Playing with Fire” and while shocking and sad in many ways it also had funny stories about other players, parties, gambling and unbelievable game memories.

  10. Andy, don’t think so. He played junior and senior hockey at a very young in Slovenia then got recruited at 16 to play in the Swedish Elite League (ignoring offers from the WHL to play against men in the SEL) and from there moved on to the NHL. Never played in Slovakia.

  11. If I said Slovakia instead of Slovenia…shame on me. I’m well aware Kopi is from Slovenia, not Slovakia and meant to say Slovenia.

  12. Three hours sounds great to me! I currently have the world’s most boring job and if I can listen to three hours of hockey talk then fine. What ever it takes to get me through a shift!
    Go Rangers!!

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