Puck Podcast – November 19, 2011

In the first period of we’ll discuss a controversial hit involving a goalie and the fallout from it. In the second period we’ll tell you about the latest class inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. In the third period we’ll check in with our Puck Podcast fan correspondents. All that and more on this edition of the Puck Podcast.

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  1. Here are the games for this week’s Puck Podcast Picks. Make your picks as a comment to this episode or over at Facebook.com/PuckPodcast.

    Sunday, November 20th – Maple Leafs at Hurricanes
    Monday, November 21st – Bruins at Canadiens
    Tuesday, November 22nd – Kings at Blues
    Wednesday, November 23rd – Blue Jackets at Devils
    Wednesday, November 23rd – Blackhawks at Sharks

  2. As far as the Lucic hit on Miller goes, it is my opinion that Shanahan will not suspend Bruins players.

    Lucic not only broke the rule, but he slammed Miller as hard as he could, following through fully on the hit. He knocked Miller’s helmet off and concussed him. Later, he made light of it, grinning to reporters after the game and cracking jokes about it on Boston radio the next day. He showed absolutely no respect or remorse once apprised of the fact that Miller was concussed.

    Brendan Shanahan has proudly told the press that he continues to consult with Colin Campbell on a daily basis; all one has to do is read the recently released Colin Campbell e-mails to understand why this is problematic: http://www.kuklaskorner.com/index.php/psh/comments/colin_campbells_emails/.

    Remember the Seidenberg boarding early in the season? That’s because it was quickly swept under the rug.

    It is my contention, please feel free to mark my words on this, that Brendan Shanahan will not suspend any Bruins player, no matter which rule they might break. At least not until Colin the Clown goes away.

    I really had to laugh when I heard Shanahan say that it would be a bad idea for teams to think that it’s open season on goalies. These teams need to understand that it may be open season on goalies for the Bruins, but not for the rest of the NHL teams.

    Great urethra joke, by the way!

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