Puck Podcast – November 17, 2007

In this weeks episode we talk about the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Sean Avery’s antics in Toronto, we discuss the shake-up in the Stars organization with Stars beat writer Tracey Myers, we talk about a Leafs player caught with his pants down…literally, Gary Bettman’s new job and reveal a shocking fact about Gordie Howe! We also recap the past week of games across the league, answer your e-mails and Doug tells you what NHL DVD is on his wish list plus a whole lot more.

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Doug Stolhand is one of the co-founders and co-hosts of the Puck Podcast and has been a member of the NHL media since the show's inception in 2006.


  1. Great show, as always. Congrats to Doug for scooping the “Bryz on Waivers” headline. We’ll see if the sports journalism circle gives him credit.

    The DVD (Miked and Uncensored) is a great idea, though I’m not sure Doug is the first to suggest it. Bettman might be wise to consider it. The NHL needs all the revenue it can get. The dirtier the DVD, the better it will sell. Multiple DVDs are an even better idea. Theme the discs for fans of teams, players, fights, scoring, etc. Hockey would benefit from tapping a niche market that already exists on YouTube by creating a better product in HD. Hockey fans would surely prefer to watch this stuff on their wide screen television than on a computer screen.

    Oh yeah… Eddie and Doug should narrate. Good times.

  2. Good scoop on Brys, Doug. Nice to hear Setoguchi get some rare love too. The next big scoop I want to hear about is “Dala Horse Trades Thornton to Sofa Kings for Ovechkin”. Haha, good show and damn those Ducks! (Go Sharks)

  3. 1. Did the Ducks trade their 2nd pick or the one they got for Penner for Sotherby(sp)?

    2. If the Ducks get the #1 overall pick next year, do you think Burke will send Lowe a thank you card?

  4. You call this a league? Man, you people have been duped so badly by Bettman, you’re reminding me of sheep being blindly lead to the slaughter. How can you call this a league when there is no chance Montreal will ever face Toronto in the Stanley Cup playoffs? Because of the bastardization of the league thanks to the Betmannization of it, the N.H.L. is simply a joke and not worth me wasting my time watching it. Imagine some of the best Stanley Cup finals that could possible take place …, Calgary – Edmonton Rangers – Islanders (Devils) Boston – Phily Toronto – Ottawa (Montreal) Red Wings – Blackhawks Kings – Sharks…, etc., are now rendered impossible thanks to the ever-so-insightful (sic) applications done by somebody that has no idea what the game is all about (ie: Bettman). It’s high-time we get back to basics and have each team play each other team the same ammount of times during the regular season. Then, the 1st team would play the 16th place team in the opening playoff round. The 2nd place team plays the 15th place, team, 3rd plays 14th …, etc., all the way down the line. This way, and only this way, will the spirit of this great game be redeemed. As it sits now …, it’s a joke. Come on, how can you say it’s not ??? Some of the best Stanley Cup finals that ever could be imagined will never happen. As fans, you’re forced to watch the same teams and players over and over again throughout the year. Hockey is not baseball (will somebody please tell that to Bettman) and has its (had its own) tradition to ensure only the best team, on a totally random, numerical system of points acquired throughout the regular season play, advanced to the playoffs to play against a team who’s numerical points pitted a particular team against them. This allowed for variety in the league and allowed for the possibility of ‘anything happening’ come the Stanley Cup finals. As it sits now, some of the best, most exciting Cup finals are impossible. As it sits now, weaker teams are advancing to the playoffs over stronger teams because of a scoring system that is not based on fairness, but on a very weird, arcane and unbalanced ‘divisional ranking’ system. This isn’t hockey. This isn’t the N.H.L. Maybe we should call this league the G.B.L. — it could have duel meaning; The Gary Betmann League – or, The Great Bastardiztion League. As it is now …, the N.H.L. is simply comical. Frankly, cleaning my toilet bowl has more appeal to me than watching the N.H.L. What a waste of a what could be ‘the best show in town.’ Thanks, Bettman, thanks for ruining what once was a great league. And then to listen to you people who buy into this bunk …, if you’re really that easily swayed …, then come talk to me. I have a bridge I would like to sell you. Wake up !!!

  5. @george
    I actually woke up about 20 minutes ago, and after reading your comment, I like the NHL much more than I did 10 minutes ago. The matchup system used in the playoffs is good, as we have seen in recent years, the underdog wins. Look back to the ’05-’06 season where every underdog in the Western Conference advanced, and the 8th seed lost the Stanley Cup Championship by one goal. You’re right that the points system isn’t perfect, but it’s damn near that. All I want to see is a win go up to 3 points, and overtime win as 2 points.

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