Puck Podcast – November 14, 2009

On this week’s show we’ll talk about some big name players returning to the ice from injury and some more controversial hits. We’ll also look back at an amazing night in Toronto and arguably the finest Hall of Fame class ever. We’ll have a special interview with Colorado Avalanche defenseman Scott Hannan and we may even hear from the commissioner of the NHL himself. All that and a lot more, including your feedback on this edition of the Puck Podcast.

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  1. Guys – love the podcast, keep up the great work. Having said that, you really missed the boat on your analysis of the Glencross hit on Drury. You comment that there was no differernce between that hit and Mike Richards’ hit on David Booth. The CRITICAL difference between the Drury hit and the Richards hit on Booth was that Booth had the PUCK. He had just made his pass and Richards finished the check. Glencross, on the other hand, ***anticipated*** that Drury was going to receive the pass and Glenross guessed wrong. Had Drury received the pass, the league would’ve, in my opinion, looked at it in exactly the same way as the hit on Booth. The league should outlaw hits to the head but, as the rule now stands, Richards hit was completely legal.

  2. Waitaminnit, waitaminnit, waitaminnit… Don Cherry’s “Coach’s Corner” is sponsered by… A CLOTHING COMPANY??!!?? What?!? And the company’s slogan includes the words: “Well Dressed??” Are you —-ing KIDDING ME??!??

  3. Hey, Don’t rag on the Montreal Canadians simply because they came up with that gorgeous jersey almost 100 years before the Wild got around to it. Those are one of the nicest set of colors any jersey has currently and I am thankful to the Canadians for designing it and the Wild for bringing it into the 2000’s.

  4. I think that the Wild’s jerseys look very classy. I really like their new 3rd jersey but as Doug said, as a relatively new team to the league they have about 500 different looks they can put on the ice.

  5. Mathew, the Habs are showing they can do the same. Man I sure hope they stop this anniversary silliness when January 2010 comes around.

  6. Well depends on how you define a consistent team. I think there was a professional team named the Ottawa Senators starting back in 1910 but it is actually a much older team. The next big celebration will most likely be in 2017 with the founding of the NHL.

  7. The Leafs “celebrate” their 100th in 2017? Remind me to shut off all sensory organs for that year…

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