Puck Podcast – November 13, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about what went down at the GM meetings this week including a wild idea for the upcoming All-Star game. We'll tell you about a new Hall of Fame Class and a player from a famous hockey family in trouble with the law. We’ve also got all the big injury news, some signings and even a trade from the past week. We’ve also got an interview with Hall of Fame sports writer Helene Elliot of the LA Times and your e-mails.

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  1. Love the podcast. Thank you for it!

    It wouldnt surprise to see you guys do that show on Versus. When Versus want a poker show, they got two guys who had a popular podcast before any tv experience background. Of course that show didnt last long.

    Love the idea of the draft for the all-star game. It should make some interesting line combos.

  2. Hey guys I am now addicted to the show and it’s awesome.

    As a Bruins fan I wonder if you guys are going to discuss the brewing scandal regarding Colin Campbell. It has been obvious to any fan that follows the game that Campbell is incompetent, and it’s good to see that he is finally being exposed as corrupt; something B’s fans have known for a long time.

    It’s bad enough that he did not suspend Matt Cooke for intending to injure Marc Savard last season, but two years ago he suspended Milan Lucic in the playoffs for facewashing Maxim Lapierre and did NOT suspend Scott Walker for punching a defenseless Aaron Ward in the face later on in the playoffs. It is clear now (as it was then) that something suspicious had been going on and that the Bruins were paying an unfair price for it.

    The league now has a problem because they allowed Campebell free reign for years when it was obvious to anyone paying attention that there was bias in the league disciplinary office and the last ones to catch on were the people who were supposed to be paying attention. That is why I believe Gary Bettman has to go as well. If this thing blows up the owners will have to ask for his resignation so the league can get a fresh start.

    In a day and age where fans don’t trust referees to be unbiased and even-handed (we can refer to it as the post Tim Donaghey era) the NHL cannot afford to have this scandal erupt. What they need to do is get out in front of it, fire Campbell, at the very least, and be up front about what has been going on. The worst thing they can do now is cover it up. When you do that you just the bleed the truth slowly. For a league that is just starting to make inroads into the mainstream of pro sports, a Watergate like aftermath will only further harm a league that is at a delicate place to begin with.

    As an interesting sidelight, it will be interesting to see how this plays out in the Bruins locker room. Colie’s son has been a very effective fourth-line forward for the team this season. Will the players hold some sort of grudge against him for what appears to be protection from his daddy at the expense of other teams? Will he and Savard have problems going forward? Will he hold it against the B’s if his dad gets canned? Are the Bruins dangling Savard in trade talks because they believe that having him on the team has put them in the crosshairs of the league, and because of that they can’t catch a fair break?

    Sorry about the long post, but I look forward to hearing you guys’ take on this on next week’s show. I love a good scandal and this one is shaping up to be pretty interesting.

    By the way Eddie, as a Patriots fan I hope you enjoyed that Steelers game last night. Like your show, it was awesome!

  3. @ Terry. Hope Doug and I get a shot. I won’t hold my breath. LOL

    @ Higgs. I hope you never go to rehab for your Puck Podcast addiction. However, the last comment was uncalled for.

  4. I’m a first time listener with this episode, although a lifelong hockey fan. I’ve definitely found something to listen to on the way to and from work and love that it takes a couple days to get through it. Great work!

    A few comments. I was frustrated with the argument that attendance isn’t a big deal. Attendance is VERY important, and I find it an LA mindset to somehow disregard this. I grew up in NH, went to school at Southern Cal, and now work in Nor Cal, so I’ve seen many different fan bases. Only in LA can you show up during the second period or third inning of a game. You can say that maybe your wife isn’t into hockey, but how many women in Hamilton, Ontario do you think would say, “Naw, I don’t want to go, I don’t like hockey.”!? There are cities out there without teams that could pack arenas.

    As far as the fan asking what a novice fan should pay attention to when watching hockey. I had to think about this for a minute. My advice would be to watch the players, not the puck. As a guy that started playing hockey a year before kindergarten (and played competitively at USC), I find it incomprehensible when people tell me they have trouble finding the puck; that’s idiotic. Watch the players, learn their tendencies in certain situations, how do they move with the puck, off the puck, how do they defend based on where the puck is. When you learn how all the players react to the action, you’ll always know where the puck is (even if it might be hidden out of sight on the near boards).

    Thanks for a great podcast!

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