Puck Podcast – May 8, 2010

On this week’s show Eddie and special guest co-host Dan Moriarty we’ll talk about more great second round action from the NHL playoffs. We’ll also tell you about the latest developments regarding the Coyotes ownership situation, a record crowd to see a hockey game, strange things being thrown onto the ice in San Jose, and I will offer an apology to a Vancouver Canucks player. Plus your e-mails and a lot more.

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  1. Franzen has been taking it all series and apparently he’s free game. He gets high sicked in Game 1 and is the only guy who takes a penalty. You guys mentioned Thornton in this game, and tonight, Douglas Murray goes after his head late after he had passed the puck away. No call, and San Jose came back and scored the game winner.

  2. The refs have absolutely blown the entire playoffs but no team’s fate can be blamed solely on them. Last night was no different than any other night–the Red Wings never get calls that most of other teams get and never will. The way I see it, Franzen, Bertuzzi and Kronwall were never engaged last night and none played with any desperation. Bert did what he normally does and played lazy, Kronwall must be hurt because he was useless and someone apparently forget to tell Franzen he was hot–he should of been shooting every time he had the puck. In the end, they did not play with desperation, they played safe and when you play not to lose, you lose.

  3. I’m just guessing here, but I think a boat race refers to the fact that when a lot of goals are scored, the goal horn keeps going off making it sound like a boat is just steaming along. That’s my take at least.

  4. Loved Dan Moriarty on the show – nice insight.

    From the Urban Dictionary a boat race is – In a sporting event, the team getting out to an early lead and coasting home.

  5. Dan Moriarty brought a ton to the show this week. It almost seemed like it felt more intimate with his stories and passion. This is nothing against Doug since I think all you guys do a great show, but I hope if there is ever need of a co-host you bring back Moriarty, or at least make him the first person you ask. He was awesome this weekend.

  6. “Boat Race” was used on “The Jim Rome Show” on radio alot about a decade ago. It referred to a blow out or a boring game, because of the tendency of a boat race to feature one boat take the lead in the first ten minutes and then NOTHING happening for the rest of the race. It seemed that no boat could ever overtake a lead once it was established in the first 50 yards or so in the water.

  7. Guys,
    Thanks for the positive feedback on Dan. Great behind the sceens story. He was having a bad day. After we did the show he was in a great mood. He love it and really wants to do it again. He cleary has a great passion for the game and loved getting a chance to do a show that talks nothing but hockey. He will be the first person we asked to fill-in when needed. He is very excited to do the show again.

  8. The refs in the Flyers Bruins series are all against Boston and they miss 20 interference calls. The NHL must not be paying the refs much because obviously they can’t afford to go to an eye doctor.

  9. Everyone,
    Excitement is in the air. In just 4 short weeks we will know who will be lifting the Stanley Cup. But for those of you that root for one of the teams working on their tan and golf game. I am sure you are curious who they might draft, trade, or sign.

    So if anyone would like to chat about the team needs at the draft I have my lists ready and would love to talk
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    Will Pittsburg trade Malkin or Stall to get more depth on the wings?
    Will Toronto finally trade Tomas Kaberle for a first round pick?
    Will the Ducks or Phoenix trade up with 2 first round picks each?
    This is one of the most wide open drafts we have had in a while so let the wheeling and dealing begin
    Just some ideas so email me
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