Puck Podcast – May 30th, 2009

This week we take a quick look back at the end of the Conference Finals before previewing the Stanley Cup Finals rematch between the Red Wings and Penguins and we'll be joined by Red Wings play-by-play voice Ken Daniels as well as Penguins reporter Dan Potash. We'll also discuss a new head coach in the NHL, a legend that turned down a coaching position, an allegation that could be bad news for the Capitals, we'll throw an NBA legend into the penalty box as well as answer your e-mails and a whole lot more.

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  1. Quick couple of comments regarding issues brought up in the 3rd period of this week’s show…

    As an Avs fan, I am indeed very happy that Patrick Roy- who is my second favorite player of all time, by the way- is NOT in control of the franchise. I think assistant coach or GM would have been a nice start, but not given CONTROL of the franchise. And I am DISGUSTED with Avs’ management’s treatment of Granato. Look, I think he should have been fired the day after the season was over. New coach, new (old) GM and let’s get 15th place behind us. This, I think, goes back to the club’s firing of Joey Q. He took a team decimated by injuries, figured out HOW to win with what he had and got the team into the second round. And because the brass wants a “faster team” they let him go? That’s ridiculous! Maybe the Avs should not have let 3/4 of their defense go, or given up the 1st round pick in a deep draft for a 75 year old defenseman! I think Granato was a horrible choice and tried to force a team that needs to play puck possesion and lie and wait into a speeding juggernaut that just gave up too much time in their own end. I don’t think Granato will start the season with the club. If he does, expect him to be canned as soon as they start the year 0-3.

    As for Balsellie and the Hamilton Coyotes, I think the logistics the NHL is concerned with is not the movement of the team, but the RESTRUCTURING of the league! You cannot leave a team in Hamilton, ON in the Pacific Division; the travel with the unbalanced schedule is impossible! You would have to realign everyone. And you’d have to kick someone out of the EAST, when everyone thinks the next move should be to get Detroit INTO the East. I don’t think you can play a full season- or more- with a 16-14 split, can u? If one team moves, I think you HAVE to move two. And I don’t think Fla or Atl is going to Las Vega$ anytime soon.

  2. Kris

    They would never have a team in Ontario in the Pacafic Division. The Conference and Division Alignment would have to be redone.

    Besides, if the Phoenix Coyotes ever have to leave Phoenix anytime soon. I would like to see a brand new city that’s never been in the NHL Before like Seattle.

  3. That was my point. The Hamilton Coyotes would have to be placed in the Atlantic or North Eastern division. That’s NOT going to happen. As it is, there are THREE teams that SHOULD be in the East- Det, Columbus, and Nashville. What I was pointing out is that NO ONE seems to be bringing this up as an issue. The move of a franchise has to be approved by the board of governors, yes? Are 29 other owners going to agree to an unbalanced league? I don’t think so…

    As far as The Finals go… The more things change… Det just seems to exhibit their will after the first fifteen minutes. They are just so good, it’s not fair.

  4. Ah, I forgot- the Van Canucks would probably not be too pleased with that, would they? And I don’t know if a market that cannot support an NBA team would come out for an NHL team. That arena is a dump and no one is renovating it for a moved hockey team. If a team moves, they are going to Vega$, but no one is moving and Bettman would be insane to start adding teams. There isn’t 30 front line goalies now; there is no way there is 32. I think if ANY team moves, it’s going to be The Isle. They do not recieve revenue share because their market is too big and the proposed renovation of the Colosseum area with shops, resteraunts and apartment buildings is being blocked by the community. Wang would sell that team in a heartbeat- losing $300 million will do that to you- and you could move it.

    Except that Bettman would block it…

  5. I was obviously talking about Seattle in the first part of that post, although I never mentioned it!!

  6. As a hockey fan in Seattle, Im begging you, please bring a team here. Americans living in seattle could care less about the canucks, I have tried and it is just not the same rooting for a canadian as an american team (my roommate is a die hard stars fan) and as far as supporting teams are concerned, the Seahawks were embarrassing last year and they still did well financially. I know the NFL is not nearly the same as the NHL but the fact of the matter is is that the Sonics were terrible, and they still only left because the new owner lied and ran away with the team. The Mariners don’t scare anyone, and they get good support. Even our new mls team is doing well. I know this has become somewhat of a rant, but my point is that a team should be moved to seattle, they will support it and Key Arena is overblown. It’s good enough and right next to the space needle the convention center. New arenas are overrated, imo, ive been to the rose garden enough times to see the blazers. There is just too much distance between the Sharks and the Canucks for Bettman to not at least consider moving a team here. Alright im done.

  7. Ryan- Find 30,000 people with your passion and start harrassing Bettman! I apologize if you felt I was attempting to speak for Seattle. I know they have a WHL team with a decent following, but the NHL is a different beast altogether. I know the Seattle Supersonics move was a complicated issue, but no one walks away from certified cash. If the NHL would be assured of turning a profit, they’d be there. But I think the NHL feels the market is too small, and the fact that the NBA bolted town doesn’t help. While you may feel u cannot support a Canadian team, it would be interesting to see how much of Canucks’ ticketholders are from south of the border; much like the Canadian ticket holders of the Buffalo Sabres.

    I think there would be three possibilities of future NHL cities: Kansas City, Seattle and Las Vegas. But I think alot of this discussion is moot. Phoenix is not going anywhere; if the judge rules in favor of the NHL, Balsillie will drop his bid. If he rules in favor of Balsillie, the NHL will appeal and by the time that is over, it will be too late. The league is not going to completely restructure itself for a team in Hamilton or anywhere else right now. Say why you will about Bettman, he usually gets what he wants. And he does not want new teams or moving teams.

  8. Man, I don’t envy your job, guys, commentating on what to expect in the finals without the benefit of 20-20 hindsight like those of us have who tune in on Monday afternoon. A heck of a good job.

    But it’s interesting listening to your show after the first two games are in the books. And I can’t wait to hear what Doug has to say about the NHL’s suspension reversal after Malkin’s attempted mugging of Zetterberg at the very end of game 2. After all the no-calls in that game and then they overturn one that should have stuck. unbelievable, if you ask me. But not surprising after the pattern of officiating in these playoffs.

  9. Dave,
    You bring up an interesting point. I’ve wondered if fans are turned off by the fact that a lot of times when they listen to the show, they already know what has happened with things we talk about. I’m glad to read you think it’s “interesting” which seems like you think it’s ok.

  10. Like in my previous post, I said Seattle as an example of a city that has never been in the NHL Before. What I don’t what to see is a city that’s been in the NHL Before that either folded or moved like Hartford, Winnipeg, or Quebec City. (No Disrespecting those Citites), but when it’s time to consider a new team either by expansion or reloaction, Let’s someone involved that hasen’t had a shot to be in the league before.

  11. Yes, Eddie, it’s definitely OK. “Interesting” was not just a polite way to say it sucked. You guys really pull it off well, in my opinion.

  12. Tanner- What about Minnesota? A city/state that had a hockey team, moved to your neck of the woods, got an expansion team and have 1,000,000,000 consecutive sell-outs and almost print money.

    I think IF the NHL moves a team or expands, yes, it’s a mistake to move back into places where it failed. However did not the Canadian Exodus- Winnipeg and Quebec- mostly factor on the weakness of the Canadian Dollar? With it rebounding, it’s POSSIBLE that a new Canadian franchise could have greater success. But I think Hamilton is a mistake becuase it hurts the Sabres market so bad. I think moving/placing a team a fair distance from other franchises is key. So KC and Las Vega$ would be the best choices for me. Also you can place these franchises in the West, allowing Det and Nash to join the East.

    But, again, NO ONE is going anywhere anytime soon …

  13. The podcast maybe a few days old but makes my commute bearable on mondays.

    Is it me or is anyone else just rooting that this goes 7. I don’t want the season to end. But has this sinking feeling after watching game 1 or two its going to end quickly

  14. At least the Pens SCORED this year. I thought they played better than they did last year, so there is hope of at least six games, right? With the awesome play of this year’s playoffs, it’s GOTTA go seven, right? That said, the Wings look dominant as always. I wish this whole “they’re too old” thing would just become true already! How did I ever pick THE SHARKS?!?

  15. I believe that Seattle could support a winning team. I do not think that Seattle would support a team if they failed to make the playoffs 3 -5 years in a row. We have too many teams right now in struggling markets. I am completely against moving a team into an unproven market. Win or lose a team in Hamilton would probably have a sold out crowd every night.

    I think it was Doug that expressed concern that people wouldn’t consider a team in Hamilton as “their team” for a while. I can almost guarantee that if Jim gained rights to the Whalers name and logo he would attract a huge following overnight.

    I think that when and if a team moves in the next few years that the criteria for the location should be…

    1. An assured market.
    2. A quality arena.

    If a city cannot provide those things I don’t think that they should be considered. KC has had, I believe, two minor teams that have struggled. That doesn’t necessarily mean that a pro-team would struggle but it certainly isn’t good news. I think that Las Vegas would build an amazing arena and a winning team would have an amazing following, but I think a losing team would struggle.

    I think that leaves a few locations.

    Your best choice is Hamilton. Hands down.

    Secondary choices if they got new facilities would be Quebec and Winnipeg. I say this knowing that Winnipeg could struggle.

    If I absolutely had to pick a new market one city that I do not hear talk about is Green Bay. I think that this could potentially be a very good market. Minnesota and Green Bay already hate each other. A team in Wisconsin would create an instant rivalry. Green Bay wouldn’t cut into anyone else’s market… at least not enough to have a noticeable effect. They could draw fans from Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee. The only thing that they are missing is a good facility.

    As far as the finals thus far, even though the Pens have lost two strait I feel that they have played as good or better than the Wings this series. There are two reasons why the Wings have a 2-0 lead. They have gotten the bounces and they have had the better net minder.

  16. I agree with Eddie on anything to do wit superstition or tradition. I am one of those guys that does the same thing every time when I get to the rink, even if it is just a men’s league game. I do not like the fact that Crosby skated with the trophy, but I do see his point in why he did it. Although, being down 2-0, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea.

    I know it is hard for some people to understand Doug, but its just the way it is. Some people just hold onto their superstitions. One time I didn’t follow my pre-game ritual and broke my ankle in the second period. Coincidence? Probably, but I won’t risk that anymore.

    On a side-note, we all know what Eddie does for a living. Doug- what do you do when you’re not watching hockey?

  17. Mathew- Yes, Hamilton would sell out every night. But you would also be potentially taking nearly TWENTY PERCENT of the Buffalo Sabres market. Of course, the next arguement is that if Buffalo doesn’t have the fans to support it’s team, that’s their fault and that’s too bad. So then Buffalo starts shedding salary, demands a new publicly funded arena and threatens to move. And we’re in the same situation again.

    The NHL has to attempt to exist in “non-traditional” markets. It HAS to succeed in proven markets, or revenue drops and the salary cap falls an the players go on strike and we lose another season. The NHL has to exist where it believes FANS are, but do not have ACCESS to a team. People in Hamilton have ACCESS to two. Yes, Maple Leafs tickets are impossible to get- but don’t some people in Hamilton have them? Buffalo still draws. Put a team in Hamilton and MANY- not all- of the SAME fans go somewhere else, draw new support. They buy a Hamilton Whalers jersey- and I do NOT see them securing those rights- INSTEAD of a Luke Schenn one. The rumpus room is decorated in the new team colors and not the white and blue. The same AMOUNT of money is spent- just in a different direction.

    The idea of Green Bay would make sense in the idea that the citizens of the Bay do not have reasonable access to an NHL team. The money that they would spend on tickets and merchandise would be in ADDITION to league revenues now. This is why Las Vegas and KC would be viable POSSIBILITIES in my estimation. Rather than someplace like Hamilton or a second team in Toronto or a third in New York or the LA/OC area.

    But, I cannot stress this enough- THIS IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. There is NO expansion on the horizon; too many teams are bleeding now. And Bettman and the governors will not face a period in hockey like the time three or four teams in the NFL moved in only a few years. Bettman favors STABILITY. It’s the basis of ALL of his arguements against moving and adding teams.

    The Phoenix situation is interesting in that many believe, in addition to on-ice failure, the team’s problems stem from a new building that, from what I’ve read and heard, is in the middle of NOWHERE. Like placing the NYC team on the point of Long Island. It seems attendance and arena revenues have DROPPED after the new building opened (I don’t have reference to the facts, so I could be wrong- but I thought I read and heard the revenue drop more than once). Hence, rising costs- players salary, coach’s RIDICULOUS salary, new arena upkeep- against falling influxes of cash equals… The NHL Run Phoenix Coyotes!!

  18. The Avs just fired Tony Granato. I am shocked and appalled. Where the hell did this come from??

  19. They didn’t just FINALLY can Granato, but fired assistant coaches, goalie coaches, directors of player personnel, the mascot, the hot dog vendor…

  20. It’s a SERIES, boys!! Pittsburg played well and withstood Detroit’s push! I thought Det played well in the first half of each of the last two periods and Fleury stuffed ’em.

    Now, if only the Pens can win at The Joe…

  21. Pens take the next two.

    Last night at the Igloo, I made sure to chant Osgood’s name a few times. You know, to prop him up like the Red Wings fans do.


  22. Probably the biggest difference between this year and last is that the Pens aren’t being out-coached.

  23. You are so right about the coaching, Mathew. The wife and i talked about that last night (while I was crying into my beer).

  24. So far, I guess, the difference is whomever has the final change. I think it’s worth pointing out that Blysma admitted that he was trying to avoid matching up Crysby against Zett. If the Pens are gonna have a chance, Crysby has to learn how to be more effective when his line is matched up against Detroit’s #1. The Wings role players can still beat you when their top guys are “silent.” I don’t see the Penguins can do the same. They have to have Crysby and Malkin going- and THEN the Staals and Letangs of the world chip in. If Zett and Holmstrom are absent from the score sheet, Helm and McCarty or someone scores and the Pens lose 2-1…

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