Puck Podcast – June 5, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll talk about the first four games of the Stanley Cup Finals. We’ll also talk about a couple of Red Wings signing new deals, Dominick Hasek’s new team and why an NHL young star is wearing a walking boot. We’ll also talk the NHL in Hartford and toilets flushing in Pittsburgh, big NHL video game news and a whole lot more including listener e-mails and posts.

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  1. Guys: Your coverage on the Cup finals is great. I’ve been glued to my seat all series. As a retired military man, I applaud Versus and NBC for staying at the rinks for “The Star Spangled Banner” in Chicago and “God Bless America” in Philly. The traditions both cities have done with the songs bring the buildings to a fever pitch and should inspire BOTH teams to play their best.

  2. Just a note, guys: It’s the Stanley Cup Final, not Finals. As in, final series. 🙂 I know, semantics.

  3. Great show as usual guys. However, don’t beat around the bush Doug, tell us what you think of Pronger!

    Sounds like there is quite a story to tell there. Jim Hughson was REALLY excited every time Pronger picked up the puck, which got irritating quite quickly, even before I knew how much of a dick Pronger is.

    As an impartial observer, I would have liked Philly to win, simply because of Lappy. Having heard your podcast, I had to abandon Philly (sorry Lappy) because the idiot>good guy quotient was just too high. I can’t root for a team which has Carcillo and Pronger and Mike Richards on it.

  4. As a European, I am all in favour of NHL teams playing over here. However, I think they should only play in exhibition games. To start the season over here makes no sense whatsoever.

    Why start the season in a foreign country? Fans want to see NHL players and it doesn’t matter what context that is in. An exhibition game makes sense but there are no benefits for the fans or the players to start the season abroad.

    We saw a number of teams scrape into the playoffs by a single point. To risk losing those points due to jet lag, dodgy local food, below standard ice rinks etc is crazy.

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