Puck Podcast May 21st, 2012

On this week’s Puck Podcast we recap the first week of action in the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. In the second period we talk about big coaching news plus signings and injury news as well. In the third period we read your e-mails and check in with our fan correspondents.

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  1. “Robots underwater”! Perfect description! LOL!

    The show sounds great, guys! You rock!

    And now, I will add a sentence without an exclamation mark… 🙂

  2. What if Kreider had ( very possibly ) stunk it up. Would you still have an issue or would this whole situation suddenly become be a non-issue?
    The kid had never played a single game in the NHL. He was not a sure thing. How many rookies join a team and become instant stars? Much less in the middle of the playoffs where the game is much tougher than the regular season.
    The only reason Kreider didn’t sign a contract earlier in the year was that his college team was busy winning a national championship. If more NHL prospects followed this kids route to the NHL, the talent pool would be much richer. He developed his game in college. He graduated early and in my eyes he has earned the right to play in the NHL.
    The Rangers gambled and they won even though they had to burn a whole year of eligibilty. I honestly don’t see any issue with this at all. This kind of thing never happens. This kid may or may not be truly special, guess we’ll see in the long run. For now you should just sit back and enjoy it.

  3. Guys,

    Great show looking forward to seeing the new equipment in action.

    Everyone Look for my mock draft of the top 10 here in the next few days and also a list of picks I feel that are in play for trade.

    Looking forward to the draft in Pittsburgh Eddie is planning a meet and greet for Friday after the first round Looking forward to meeting all of you and GO KINGS!!

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