Puck Podcast – May 16th, 2009

This week we review the thrilling second round of the NHL playoffs with sounds and analysis of each game and series including some controversial moments both on and off the ice. We preview the upcoming Conference Finals and discuss the Chicago Blackhawks surprising run with Chicago Tribune writer Chris Kuc. All that plus your e-mails and a whole lot more.

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  1. I was really hoping that this week you’d dispense with the Red Wing bashing, but no such luck.

    Doug: Please tell me your analysis of the Oz-zie chants has more substance than “the fans know they need to build him up”. This is very nearly the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard you say, I know you don’t believe it.

    Related to your comment about “Holmstrom being dirty in front of the net”, how does that happen exactly? When he has two guys on his back, cross-checking him to the ice, with the goalie whacking him on the calves, how exactly does he exact this dirty play on the opponent? Please give me an example.

    Eddie: With respect to where Datsuyk is…who cares? The depth of the Red Wings shows you it matters not, that’s what a team is all about. I’ll assume you couldn’t help yourself in piling on and ripping him, along with Doug’s comment about him “being last seen with an elbow in his face.” When Samuelson, Helm, Hudler and Cleary finish you off in a game 7, Datsuyk didn’t need to score, you never really had a chance.

    I can only hope this bashing ends, no one in any sport plays at the consistency of the Wings in the past decade.

  2. Good show guys. Really looking forward to the conference finals, esp Det/Chi, old school vs new school (though I’m thinking Detroit’s experience and skill will carry them through)

    The Pens/Canes series should be a dandy as well. My money’s on the Canes, mainly because of Ward but also because the Canes just seem to have that magic air about them again. When they’re clicking it’s terribly fun to watch. I guess that leaves a Detroit/Carolina final, in my estimation at least. Which is good because I don’t really want to see the Wings school the Pens again. But who knows, anything can happen and it usually does.

  3. Mark- I think Doug was referring to Holm in the sense of “getting dirty” or “doing the dirty work” rather than specifically referring to being a dirty player.

    Doug- Thank you for the Tomax and Xamot reference! And you even pronounced “Xamot” right! This disgusting GI Joe nerd really appreciated that bit!

  4. Mark, I’m beginning to think Eddie and Doug email you the podcast before anyone else can hear it. lol.

    You’re totally right about Osgood. E&D, the crowd chanted his name last year during the playoffs too – go check his 07-08 regular season numbers. I believe you guys said his name almost every week among the league leaders. If this were any other goalie, people would praise fans for sticking with their guy. But no, not in Detroit, not with “the worst goalie ever to win 3 Cup rings.”

    What was the difference between Stuart’s hit and Brown’s hit? Well, Hudler wasn’t in a possible scoring play, he was dumping the puck out of the neutral zone. Selanne had just played the puck back to the point. The hit MIGHT have been slightly late, maybe a two minute boarding call, but it was not inteference. As they said on FSN, there wasn’t going to be a penalty at first. I mean, VS and CBC kept saying Selanne didn’t touch the puck – except for the fact that he passes it to Whitney. However I do think that had there been no “injury,” there would not have been a call on Stuart or Brown. Neither was really dirty.

    I’m surprised neither of you called foul on the Cleary goal – I had a guy who works for the Wings lecture me for 25 minutes because he thought if the refs wanted to review it, they would have called it no goal.

  5. Dustin and Mark, I had a sit down meal with 35 NHL players and most of hockey operations and they all said that in their multiple meetings with you guys that you should make your own podcast.

  6. Seabrook and Keith should be arrested for indecent exposure after being completely undressed like that on national television!

    Eddie and Doug – I’m curious if you guys would consider Burish’s stick-breaking crosscheck on Draper a form of “message sending”, considering it took place in the last minute of an already-decided game. I’m not real big on screaming “Suspension!” every time a player does something stupid but seeing as how the NHL’s new War on Message Sending has been executed with such Bush-like common sense, why not suspend Burrish? After all, a message is a message is a message, right? Somewhere out there Colin Campbell must be twisting his mustache…

  7. Nate – I am with you on this one… that was pretty obvious ‘message sending’ by Burish tonight. But, after all of the Ducks’ no-calls against the Wings, I was not surprised. The message sent was, “These guys are the ones to beat.” The road to the Cup goes through Detroit. Maybe some early desperation there….

    And I echo all the good arguments about Holmstrom’s play in the crease… ’nuff said.

    My wife, the ‘new’ hockey fan, pointed out maybe the one possible weakness in Detroit tonight – the lack of back-checking (particularly in the second period) – but I am starting to think that maybe it was part of their game plan…? They seemed to have a heck of a time clearing their zone in period two, but no problems in period 3. Perhaps someone smarter in the ways of playing hockey could weigh in on why they would do that. I have never suited up and played, so….

    I have not listened to this week’s podcast by Doug and Eddie yet, but am looking forward to hearing it tomorrow morning. Both goalies amazed tonight with great saves. Oh, and the announcers said it on NBC (paraphrasing) – ‘what the Wings’ star players are so good at is what they do when they are away from the puck.’ Stats are one thing, but Pavel and Zetterberg continue to amaze on a game-by-game basis… as well as the other ‘star’ players. Lidstom’s name was pretty absent tonight, too, in the play-by-play – but he had a big impact on this game, from what I saw. That’s what team play is all about, like Mark said, and it’s what wins championships. That’s why you did not hear Kane’s and Toews’ names mentioned much either.

    The Wings finally showed up for all 60 minutes in these playoffs… and the results proved it.

  8. As far as Detroit’s defense. Sure they could play a little more physical up and down the ice but one thing that they never say about “finishing your check” is that you are taking yourself out of position to get the job done.

    Detroit really shouldn’t change a thing right now. They are a team that wins based off defensive structure so you don’t want to do too much to get a man out of position.

  9. What is it about the Red Wings organization that makes all of its fans jerks?

    Sure, I get that it’s partly overcompensation for the town’s shitty economy and god-awful football team, but, really, they have Yankees fans beaten, hands-down.

    I simply don’t understand fan arrogance. Player arrogance, sure, I get that. But the fans? Their beer-swilling, nacho-devouring exploits are no more amazing than those of the beer-drinking, nacho-eating guy in the other arena.

    Mark’s insufferable posts and a postseason goal will get him … well, it will get him tied with Pavel Datsyuk.

    Oops, I apologize. After all, it’s not fair to point out that the 1st-line center of such a dominant team has half as many goals in the playoffs as third-line center Jordan Staal and as many points as Adam Burish. I’m sure the Wings will have a cakewalk and Datsyuk’s three playoff goals will prove to be the most important three-goal output in the history of the NHL.

  10. i live in buffalo and i believe that the nhl wouldn’t mind a team in hamilton. however, the reason they are opposed to it is because 20% of the sabres season ticket holders live in southern ontario and would become hamilton fans if they had a team. supposedly the nhl is scared of bankrupting the sabres because the economy in buffalo is even worse than the nation as a whole.

  11. To go along with mike-

    I think that Doug had Bernier confused with Kesler, and also the fact that St. Louis went after him last summer in attempts to get back at Vancouver for going after David Backes. So Doug was right in the sense that Bernier was sought after recently.

    Also, what is with that Penguins announcer? I know that Penguins fans probably find him enjoyable, but “scratch my back with a hacksaw” and “as beautiful as Mae West” (or whatever)?! I would be willing to bet that 80% of Pens fans don’t know who Mae West is! I just find that guy rather irritating when you play his clips.

  12. like i said, i’m a flyer fan, but shut the hell up luongo. he has actually won two playorr series and guess what he’s been in the playoffs only two times in his entire career… look at his amazing stats on garbage florida teams all those years. then last year he makes the playoffs for the first time… where he does what???
    thats right – he goes 5-7 with a .941 and a 1.77gaa. ghee whiz you don’t think he stole the first round for a team that couldn’t score a freakin goal! and then this year he had a good playoff, but not the best and you’re all over him. he had like two bad games. i guess you love cam ward, but do you hate him because he gave up 4 goals to boston in that game in the second round???? screw you! did you ever think that luongo has to play out of his mind all year and even better in the playoffs because he is always on teams that don’t score! whether you like it or not he is the best in the game. if you’re telling me that you’d rather have cam ward or hiller or giguere you’re nuts!

  13. Jeff, the Pens radio announcer is Mike Lange. He is a already a legend in Penguins hockey. He is kind of the Penguin’s Harry Carey. Pens fans will often turn down the TV and work the DVR tape delay just right so that they can listen to Lange call the game.

  14. Mathew- I have heard of Lange before, but he does annoy me. I understand that Pens fans probably find him amusing when listening to him every game, but when I just hear his goal calls it urks me. But being a St. Louis Cardinals fan, I love Joe Buck. But I know that a lot of people outside of the St. Louis area are not fans of him, so I guess its just a hometown thing with some of these announcers.

  15. I’m sorry, I cannot stand Lange either. He comes across as a poor man’s version of Jenneret, to me at least. I think their TV crew is even worse. But announcers are SO subjective. I love the King’s color man Jim Fox, or Barney Rubble if you will. But, his uptick inflection of EVERY line can drive some people crazy. I dig the Avs’ TV P-B-P man, too; but I can see why others don’t.

    It really comes to make you realize how special those that we regard as Loved Legends are. Staying with the Kings, I think you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who takes issue with the brilliant work of Bob Miller, their play by play announcer. Or “Doc” Emerick of the Devils and national tv fame. In terms of baseball, think of Vin Scully or the immortal Jack Buck. These voices and personalities are amazing in their popularity.

    And I am the only one that really misses Gary Thorne?

  16. Gary Thorne has the pipes – such that garbage-time goals became dramatic. However, he was mistake-prone during ESPN’s hockey coverage.

    Thorne’s tendency to mispronounce names was especially grating. If anyone recalls playing the NHL 2K series between the 2003 and 2005 iterations, Kristian Huselius became Kristian “Useless” while Tom Poti transformed into Tom “Potty.” For me, it’s like work-related grammar and spelling errors: can be a small detail, but it indicates a sloppy professional.

    He seems to have improved in EA’s recent NHL games (I assume he’s yet to cover post-lockout hockey), but he can’t touch my favorites: Doc Emrick (who happens to author the surname pronunciation guide) and Jim Hughson, both lead voices for national networks with good reason. Both excel at keeping pace with and elaborating the action – I liken it to having a top radio broadcaster do television.

  17. I liked Thorne a lot (and I still love him on NHL ’09) but he got sidetracked a lot in the middle of the game. Having said that, he was always paired with Bill Clement, who is the King of sidetracking the other commentator. But when he was on his game, he was the best.

  18. True: the color commentators I regularly hear are not exactly the most adept – halting or “homerific,” especially compared to a good PBP partner.

    I’ve become inured to Glenn “Chico” Resch’s rambling over the years, but can see why others get frustrated. He favors two things over all others: the Devils and all goaltenders. He also doesn’t add much valuable insight, to say the least. Also, get that Telestrator away from him.

    Joe Micheletti contrasts badly with Sam Rosen – nasally monotone voice compared to booming tenor. Similar problem to Chico: praises own team’s players to excess (Lundqvist routine saves, for one). The current MSG pairing pales in comparison to the predecessor: John Davidson and Sam Rosen (I remember Eddie and Doug praising Davidson-Rosen due to Center Ice exposure).

    I guess I’ll add a wholly bad broadcast team while I’m at it: HNIC’s West Coast broadcast pairing of Mark Lee and Marc Crawford – just a drop in broadcasting quality after the East Coast game.

  19. Kris, both Lange and Jenneret have been announcing the game since the early 70’s. I can maybe see where someone would compare the two but where Lange throws in an odd non sequitur, Jeanneret behaves like Frank Drebin from the Naked Gun when he was officiating the baseball game.

    My least favorite NHL announcer hands down is McGuire. I hate that man.

  20. What do you guys think about Darren Elliot? I like his quirky expressions, but not sure how I would handle him on a continuous basis…? Oh, and i like Doc Emrick, too.

  21. Pierre McGuire has passion, I’ll give him that, but I don’t think he really likes hard nose hockey. I think he would really enjoy seeing the Euro game transported here and I think that’s a mistake. He seems to be the spokesperson for the insane idea that we continue to try and tailor the game to non-hockey fans. Again, say it with me, let’s go with the idea of NOT trying to change the game for people who DO NOT like hockey…

    I was watching NHL Live on the net today and they were discussing the Phoenix bankruptcy situation and I’m really confused. Is there a chance that Basille could gain control of the team? Would the sale, even through bankruptcy proceedings, have to be approved by the league and the board of govs? And, even IF he gained control, would he not have to gain the board’s approval to move the team? Something they’ve said WILL not happen. Could he sue the league for the right to move “his” franchise? See what I mean? Confused…

  22. I think everyone is overlooking the Canes. After watching them beat my Devils, and seeing the fact that every game the last 5 minutes they seem to be on attach no matter who they are playing I think they right now are a scary team. So they lost game 1, that is 3 game 1 losses in a row, but they are still playing.

    To be “surprised” that they beat the penguins, when they beat the 1 and 3 seed already in the East to me is almost an insult. Let the games begin!

  23. Do we think Cindy Crysby asked for an announcement tonight after Malkin’s Hattie stopped the game for a few minutes?

  24. This is Paul Marice’s fourth line on the ice. They’re almost all involved in scraps. With about a minute to go in a “decided” game.

    So, does Colin Campbell suspend… everyone?

  25. It’s official, the NHL is now wussified! Kronwall gets a 5 minute major and a game misconduct for (drum roll please) interference!

    This is ridiculous. Seeing as how Have-No-Head Havlat didn’t touch the puck (it was between his legs) I can begin to understand the “interference” call. But five minutes? A game misconduct? For what? A perfectly clean hit on a borderline penalty?

    There was no elbow. There was no stick to the face. Just a good solid shoulder to the dome of a player who forgot the Golden Rule. Ridiculous!

  26. Lame call, but it didn’t cost them the game. Props to the Wings for coming back, but you can’t go down 3-0 in the first period. Regardless of how the goals go in.

    The Wings have to remember how to kill penalties.

  27. Matthew, I’m confused. I never said anything about Malkin’s hat trick not being amazing. That third goal was a disgusting display of skill. I thought Malkin just took over that game and refused to let the Canes win. I hope he continues this kinda play in the Cup Finals!

    My comment was regarding Crysby’s comments about the Ovechkin hat trick last series. And the fact that I was sure he felt differently regarding his home crowd’s celebration.

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