Puck Podcast – March 7th, 2009

This week on the Puck Podcast we give a complete recap of the NHL’s trading deadline with analysis of the biggest deals and our opinion of who were the winners and losers. We also discuss Sean Avery’s return, suspensions to Derek Boogaard and Steve Ott, controversial comments by Don Cherry and a whole lot more.

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Here’s some video of things we’re talking about on this week’s show:

Derek Boogaard suspended:

Don Cherry speaks out about Ovechkin not playing “the Canadian way”:

Steve Downie suspended for hitting linesman:

Highlights of our game of the week between the Capitals and Bruins:

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  1. Great Job with this episode guys! Since you guys switched back to the old format the show has flowed much better. When you guys went through the games of all 30 teams you guys were actually covering each game of the week twice so it got a little repetitive.

    So….. great comments and analysis guys. I believe I said a few weeks ago that the puck podcast seemed over but I stand happily corrected. The puck podcast is back!

  2. If you guys DO get any negative feedback, just tell them that whoever laughs last, laughs hardest. Then run to the exit as fast as humanly possible.

  3. Great show! Going back to the Leafs trade with Tampa Bay…really what happened is Toronto helped TB unload salary and essentially bought a 4th round pick for 1/2 million dollars.
    Toronto now has the best goaltending Trio in the NHL in Kolzig, Joseph and Gerber (if it was 1999)

  4. Eddie-
    In regards to the Kings’ “stupid ass trade,” I totally agree with the sentiment in terms of assests for assests; but as you say we’re not privy to the locker room. I think O’Sullivan’s off season negotiations went somewhere bad, and the fact that Patty O was on thirty different lines in the first quarter of the season reflected that. At the least, he was “punished” for missing camp. As far as personal experience goes, I attended the Tip-A-King function a few weeks ago and -in my OPINION- O’Sullivan wanted to be ANYWHERE else! Just completely disinterested. Maybe something was going on then, I dunno.
    But as you say, assest for assest, that trade makes NO sense. If Dean wanted to just be rid of Patrick, he hid it well enough, I believe, to get other GM’s to offer up more. If you are at the point where one of your top six forwards needs to be moved (for reasons other than salary) and he’s young, don’t you HAVE to get at least a decent prospect or a good draft choice for it?
    Hopefully not a sign of things to come. The Kings are showing a good sense of developmental momentuem, moves like this could #%^* everything up…

  5. Hey guys,

    Great show, glad it’s back on track.

    The one thing I wanted to point out is pretty trivial. When you guys were talking about Gary Roberts’ career being over, you mentioned him being drafted in 1984, then brought up players from that draft who never even played in the NHL, and threw out the name Duncan MacPherson.

    Duncan MacPherson gained infamy by vanishing mysteriously in 1989 and wasn’t found again until 2003, frozen solid under melting snow on the slopes of an Austrian ski resort. Although he wasn’t going to play for the Islanders (who drafted him 20th overall), it’s kind of hard to play anywhere when you’re a frozen corpse.

  6. I too do prefer this old-new format. I appreciated the 30 team coverage effort, but there isn’t really a need to cover each game. And this format seems to make everyone happy. Great show as usual guys, keep up the good work!

    And Iowa Mike, that’s some freaky stuff there..

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