Puck Podcast – March 6, 2010

On this week’s show we’ll revisit the gold medal game at the Winter Games in Vancouver, we’ll recap all the wheeling and dealing surround the trade deadline and we will recap action in the NHL as the league resumes play following the Olympic break. We’ll also have an interview with longtime listener and NHL blogger Joe Depto.

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  1. Doug: With respect to the Wings’ first game back on Monday after the gold medal game, Rafalski did in fact play. I hear that he and Babcock arrived about 90 minutes before the game but Rafalski’s equipment was delayed. Babs gave him the choice to play or sit, his equipment arrived and he played on no rest, right off a flight from Vancouver.

  2. Good show guys, but just one minor correction. The Sabres game was not on Versus on Tuesday night. It seemed like the right time to rest Miller, as he deserved it after the Olympics.

    As for this whole Feaster thing, I’m glad the NHL is back, but I find myself missing the format of Olympic Hockey. No Commercials, the flow is better, no-touch icing, which I think is a must to be instituted in the NHL (And highlighted pretty well last night on why by Don Cherry and Coaches Corner), and just the excitement is higher. Still though there seemed like a rejuvenation of the league this week like it was the first week of the season. Instead it’s the home stretch and all the games are important.

  3. I love ur show but i just wanted to point out something on Sunday. If you were not watching the Bruins-Penguins game where Marc Savard was carried off the ice after a dirty hit from behind. I was wondering if you saw it and if you could give your opinion on how it will affect the Bruins from here on in. thanks!!!

  4. Great show guys, I just wanted to point out on the second period interview about CBJs: What many fail to remember is that CBJs did had best start of the season in franchise history, considering first play-offs run season before; the expectation were pretty high and that is why we are so disapointed on the current state… and I do not want to hear about re-building state again… It has been 9 years already…

    Thanks for Olympic coverage. That was the best of hockey I could wish for. Every game is like all-start game, exept with seveth game of stanley cup presure.

    Thanks for your show!

  5. Tues’ Sabres/Pens game was not on VS, true… But the first Sabres HOME game, where Miller recieved a huge ovation, WAS on VS as a “pick-up” game after the Olympics. So though it was just a carry feed from MSG or YES or what have you, and it showed up originally as a game I could see in my DirecTV sports Scoreguide, and though it was something I really, really, really wanted to experience if only thru my TV, GARY BETTMAN AND HIS MASTER, WHORECAST, RIPPED IT FROM ME AND EVERY OTHER NHL FAN THAT HAS GOOD TV SERVICE!!

    Again, after giving him alot of understanding and support for the past few years, I say this to you, Mr. Bettman: F*** YOU !!!!

  6. And in regard to the Cook-Savard hit, I am currently watching “NHL Power Play” on the net and a caller says “well, if you are going to skate thru the middle of the ice like that, you are gonna get hit like that…”

    STOP! You, sir, are a f***ing moron! Cooke LEADS with his shoulder! He slams Savard in the head when he could have knocked him down with a shoulder to shoulder hit! And SAVARD NO LONGER HAS THE PUCK!! He is of no immediate threat to your defense. This kind of hit, the hit on Booth and the hit on Savard, is pure Bull#### and needs to be legislated out of the league. Booth missed the Olympics thanks to this crap. Boston may miss the playoffs thanks to this crap. I am all for tough games and hits and fighting. But this is dirty, pure dirt. There is a way to slam into Savard and knock him out of the play and even onto the ice without attempting to cripple him. Sometime in the near future, if this goes unchecked, someone is going to end up paralyzed. And then what do you do? Then, everyone is going to overreact because it is already to late and legislate ALL hitting out of the game!

  7. Mark – you beat me to it. You are correct. I also read (Detroit News) that Babcock told had Brian to not even rush to Denver – ‘skip the game and meet up with the team back in Detroit.’ Brian manned up and showed up to play anyway.

  8. Kris – you re so right. And, to defer back to an ealier topic of the show, it sure is ironic when they feel the need to shell out penalties baed on perceived ‘intent’, and then theygo an let this kind of crap go un-touched.

    Not to flip flop but, while i have not seen video of the hit yet, it sounds like there is not even a question in this case of what his intent was… dirty is dirty. Period. Book him, Danno.

  9. Well said Kris, I couldn’t agree with you more. Perhaps you could post that on the PP Facebook page – seems a few folks there think the Cooke cheap shot “didn’t look that bad to me” and blame Savard for not having eyes in the back of his head. Such idiocy. And the league not suspending Cooke because they didn’t suspend Richards is like them saying, “We will continue do what is wrong for the sake of consistancy”. Incredible.

  10. Hello guys. Thank you for the show.

    I just wanted to say about the pronunciation of names. Names can not be any rules of pronunciation. For example, Ilya Kovalchuk in Russia is pronounced [Kovalchook] like double o sound. Alexander Semin is pronounced [Siomin] . Our head coach Bykov – [Bikov]… etc.

    It’s OK

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